A rain shower head provides a relaxing time under a water pattern that mimics rain. You know, the rain sensation we all love and cherish but don’t experience that often due to colds? That, exactly.

This is what the best rain shower head does best: bring that same feel to the shower’s comfort. It’s safe, satisfying, and it will make showers your favorite part of the day.

There are many rain shower heads in different sizes and shapes. But in this article, you’ll find only the most-rated picks currently available. First, let’s talk about how this type of shower head is different from the regular models.

What is the Difference Between A Rain Shower Head and A Regular Shower Head?

Despite their similarities, there are many differences between a rain shower head and the regular shower head. These differences may be as simple as esthetics or more complicated as their installation method. Let’s find out more here.


A rain shower head is a go-to choice if you want to have a relaxing shower experience. This provides a satisfying feeling as the waterfalls right over the head to cover all of the body. As a result, using this unit resembles the natural sensation of pouring rain. It’s pleasant and comforting.

However, many would argue that regular shower heads are more functional. That’s because they often have more settings available. As such, they can provide a much more diverse showering experience.

But, that doesn’t mean rain shower heads are not as capable. In fact, they have different modes, too. Perhaps not as much, but equally as effective. For instance, you could use these under concentrated or rain rinse functions.

And want to know the best part? A rain shower head looks far better. This is a sophisticated unit against which the regular shower head can’t compete.


How each showerhead works is also different. The regular shower head produces a steady water spray aimed at the body’s midsection. Depending on the functions offered, you could adjust the spray pattern accordingly. But, they will continue to provide water pretty much in the same direction.

The rain shower head’s location allows it to work differently. Whether it’s a wall or a ceiling unit, it’ll deliver water over the top of the head. It may not sound like much of a difference, but it’s definitely noticeable. Water flow feels different, as does the showering experience. Rain showerheads are also bigger, and this plays a significant role in their performance.

Why Choose Rain Shower Head Over Regular?

The reasons why you’d want a rain shower head are simple.

  • Rain shower heads are elegant and stylish. Choose one wisely, and it will add a luxurious layer to the bathroom. This is why they’re perfect for remodeling projects.
  • The rain shower heads are super relaxing. As the hours pass, you’ll be eager to step into the shower.
  • Lastly, you’ll get full water coverage. Just like rain would soak the whole body.

Wall-Mounted vs. Ceiling Mounted

Before getting the showerhead, you must figure out the installation method. Commonly, there are two ways to mount these units, either on the wall or the ceiling. Does it make any difference? Yes, it does. Let’s analyze both to understand their benefits and disadvantages.

Ceiling Mounted

This is the traditional method used for years. It is a bit trickier, as it needs water piping in the area to install the shower arm. Usually, most houses don’t have water supply pipes through the ceiling. And, here you start to see the main issues with ceiling-mount fixtures. They may need a ton of work and accommodations that would be expensive.

Installing a ceiling-mount rain shower head is a task that you or a professional can do. But, as mentioned before, they’re often the costlier.


Then, there’s the wall-mounted rain shower head. These are far more convenient than the other. With not many accommodations needed, setting them up takes no more than a couple of minutes. Plus, this type of showerhead uses pre-existing pipes.

Another benefit of wall-mount rain shower heads is that anyone could install them. There’s no need to hire a professional, which means you’d get to save some money.

Rain Showerhead Cost

The final cost of installing a rain shower head depends on several factors. An estimated cost would be between $424-$636. This also includes labor and the materials needed for the task.

Of course, this isn’t always the case. Depending on the shower head model, it may need more or fewer accommodations. For a rain shower head that attaches easily, all you’ll have to pay for is the price of the unit.

Considering a Professional

Making the installation without anyone’s assistance is always satisfying. But sometimes, it can get out of hand rather quickly. To avoid any unnecessary issues, hiring a professional may be a good idea.

Doing this would be an advantage in many ways. A plumber could offer insight on things that may go unnoticed to the less experienced. Plus, they’d know how to handle the equipment carefully, make the connections, etc.

How to Choose the Best Rain Showerhead

What constitutes the best rain shower head? This is a question to which you’ll find the answer here. Keeping the following factors in mind will be easier to narrow down the list of products to only a few.

Style and Finish

While looking for rain shower heads, one of the biggest concerns is whether they’ll look good. This heavily depends on features like the finish of the unit, which also varies a lot.

Now, five finishes are the most commonly used by rain showerheads. This includes brushed nickel, chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, and brushed stainless steel. The question is, which one to choose and why?

  • Choose oil-rubbed bronze if you’re looking for a more traditional feel and look.
  • For a shiny and smooth decór, there’s no better choice than the brushed nickel.
  • Chrome is the most popular. This is durable, easy to maintain, and resistant. Also, the chrome finish blends with almost any decoration.
  • Brushed stainless steel looks shiny and sleek. Rain showerheads with this finish have a mirror-like surface that brings luxury to any room.
  • Then, there’s matte black. This is a smooth finish with a stylish and modern look. It’s the perfect choice for contemporary showers.

Shower Head Size

The diameter of a rain shower head is bigger than the standard shower head. This is because their purpose is to provide full-body coverage under a stream of water. Hence, their classification as “rainfall” shower heads.

So, the average diameter of a rain shower head should be between 6 and 12 inches wide. These will deliver full-body coverage for a complete showering experience.

Spray Settings

Depending on the model, a rain shower head may include two or more spray settings. This allows them to adapt to the user’s demands, whether they need a rain-like or a massage experience. If you want your shower to be more diverse, consider getting a unit that offers many settings.

Material and Quality

As with most faucets or fixtures, water can leave permanent damage on the shower head surface. But, this is an issue you can avoid by getting a unit made with suitable materials. For instance, one of the most common is stainless steel. It’s durable and resistant, enough to put up with years of regular use without issues.

Other options include metal and plastic showerheads. Of course, metal is also a top-notch material due to its fantastic qualities. Plastic is not as resistant, but it’s still an affordable option for tight budgets.

Go for stainless steel or all-metal units to guarantee a long-lasting rain shower head.

Pressure and Adjustability

Low-pressure water can be a frustrating problem in many locations. This issue leads to weak water flow, which ends up affecting the entire living conditions at home.

That’s why rain shower heads with proper water pressure are a must. Here, you also want to consider whether the unit has a removable flow restrictor. Getting this piece out will improve the water pressure significantly.

Lastly, make sure the rain shower head of your preference is adjustable. Not only to control the water direction, but also the temperature and water flow. In that regard, look for units with swivel ball joints and levers/handles.

7 Best Rain Shower Heads Reviews in 2021

Finding the ideal rain shower head takes a lot of research, time, and patience. Luckily, we’ve done all of the hard work, so you don’t have to.

In this section, you’ll find the top rain shower heads that met and surpassed expectations. They’re durable, reliable, and consistent. With any of these units, you now get to say goodbye to the old and boring showering ways.

1. SR SUN RISE SRSH-BD1203 Rain Shower Combo Set

Simple, but luxurious. That’s what this rain shower head is. Though it has a minimalist design, it stands out from everything else once installed.

No doubt, this is all possible due to the unit’s fantastic finish. Combine that with durable parts and consistent power, and what you get is the best rain shower head with handheld.

Why We Love It

High-Quality Kit

With this rain shower head, you get more than just a single unit. It’s a complete kit that includes an L-Style brass handheld showerhead and a shower mixer valve. Additionally, there’s a metal shower arm, a hose, and a bracket holder. All of these components are both durable and reliable.

Plus, the stainless steel used to create the rain shower head is highly resistant. Hard water may be a problem for most shower heads, but not for this one. After years of use, it remains in perfect shape and condition. No rust, no corrosion.

Powerful Air Energy

The design of this unit makes it super efficient at delivering water consistently. This is possible due to the Air Energy Technology, which offers a rain-like experience even with low pressure. As a result, all you have to do is step inside the shower without worrying about anything else.

Eye-Catching Finish

Featuring a brushed nickel finish, the showerhead offers a sleek, modern look. It’s an excellent choice for remodeling projects, as it has an impeccable and shiny finish that brings old showers into the new era.

If you’re not a fan of brushed nickel, there are other options, too. The unit is available in matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished chrome.

Keep In Mind

The included instructions leave many essentials uncovered. For instance, there are no guidelines over depth dimensions to fit various types of walls.

Also, you’ll find a lot of issues in the English-broken text. This could complicate the installation for people that have no field experience.

2. Moen S6320BN Velocity Two-Function Rain Shower Head

With two functions available, this rain shower head comes as a fantastic stress reliever any hour of the day. These two modes are the rinse function and self-pressurized spray. By just turning a lever, you can customize the shower experience to enjoy a relaxing time.

Why We Love It

Superb Coverage

The rain shower head has a diameter of 8 inches. Because of it, the water coverage is terrific. This only gets better due to the adjustable nozzles included.

Depending on your needs, you can use as few as 30 or as many as 100 nozzles in total. With 2.5 GPM delivered, the nozzles provide constant water flow that feels refreshing.

Spoke Design

The showerhead has a spoke design that channels water efficiently. This design allows the unit to concentrate and magnify the water’s flow, which then comes out at perfect pressure. Besides improving pressure, this also helps the rubber spray nozzles by preventing buildups.

Considering there are two settings available, this unit is versatile and reliable. You get to enjoy your showers using the best rainshower showerhead.

Non-Tarnish Finish

In total, there are four finishes for this unit. This includes brushed nickel, brushed gold, chrome, and oil-rubbed bronze. The most impressive fact about these finishes is that they’re super resistant. They can put up with flaking or corroding issues to guarantee a long lifetime of service.

Plus, the finishes make the shower head an excellent and contemporary unit. It fits modern bathrooms seamlessly, improving the decoration with ease.

Keep In Mind

Otherwise known as the water flow restrictor. This small piece is indeed a problem for this rain shower head. So much so that it’s almost necessary to remove it entirely. Consider doing it to get the most out of the showerhead.

3. GABRYLLY Rain Shower Head & Handheld Shower Head Set

This showerhead system takes the bathing experience to a whole new level. Other than the central unit, the kit includes a great handheld shower head with three functions. The handheld unit complements the rain shower head, making sure every area of the body gets covered.

The purchase also includes a shower holder for the handheld. Once you finish using it, you can hang it in an accessible position.

Pressure Valve

To supply both shower heads, there’s a pressure device included in the body. You can use it for two things: to maintain water pressure and to control the temperature. The efficiency of this mechanism is remarkable. Regardless of the function you use, it allows water flow to remain steady and consistent.

Handheld Shower Head

There’s a lot noteworthy about this fantastic handheld unit. For instance, the soft rubber spray holes adapt to either of the three settings with ease. Thus, switching from a rain shower to a full spray massage is surprisingly fast.

Additionally, keeping the spray holes clean is easy. In just a few seconds, you can wipe away calcium and buildups from the surface.

Retro Look

The rain shower head measures 8 inches, but that’s far from its most exciting quality. In fact, what most people highlight about this product is the design. It has a sturdy build with a stunning gold finish that gives it a vintage look. If you want to add a retro decór to the bathroom, this is the best rain shower system for that purpose.

Keep In Mind

The guidelines don’t provide any details about the depth necessary for the installation. This is why DIYers may struggle a bit while mounting this shower head system.

4. ESNBIA E1372501 Shower Faucet Set

Featuring a handheld shower head and a tub spout, this set excels in every area. You can alternate between the light mist, power rain, or massage easily with the single-handle valve. Furthermore, detaching the shower head from its mount is also possible. This makes it easy to direct the water in any direction you may need.

Looking for the best rain shower set? Then you don’t have to look any further. 

Why We Love It

Stainless Hose

Added to the set is a stainless shower hose 59 inches long. It has a multi-layered design with a brushed nickel finish, making it durable and good-looking.

But, what makes this hose stand out is its flexibility. Despite being sturdy, it still bends conveniently to let the handheld showerhead reach all spots and angles. 

Adjustable Arm Mount

The shower arm mount is yet another exciting feature of this unit. It has an adjustable design that lets you rotate it in 360 degrees. This is super useful if there are many people in the house. They get to use the shower as they please while also having easy access to the showerhead.

Tub Spout & Diverter

Besides the showerhead, this set includes an additional 5.9-inch tub spout. There’s also a diverter, which allows you to transition from spout to showerhead easily.

Particularly, the tub spout is a function that could make this kit the best rainfall shower system. It can provide water at a high-flow rate, which is ideal for bathing pets, cleaning tasks, and more.

Keep In Mind

Many customers reported compatibility issues with the pipes in their households. This prompted them to attempt many things before inevitably returning the shower set. Make sure to check the dimensions properly to avoid these issues.

5. Aqua Elegante 8-Inch Waterfall Showerhead

A few minutes is all it takes to get this rain shower head installed. The instructions are super easy to follow, detailing every step of the process. This makes the showerhead ideal for professionals and beginners alike.

Why We Love It

A Robust Build

Unlike other units made of plastic, this one has a sturdy build with thick ABS thermoplastic resin. This material puts up with almost anything: rust, corrosion, physical impacts, drops, you name it. Additionally, it makes the unit feel lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Self-Cleaning Nozzles

Tired of caring for the shower head regularly? Then this is the best rainshower showerhead for you. It comes with self-cleaning nozzles made with silicone that resist mineral buildups. Plus, they also do an excellent job of keeping calcium at bay.

All of this amounts to a convenient rain shower head that doesn’t need constant maintenance.

Finish Variety

As mentioned before, this unit has three finishes available. The chrome finish is ideal for a classic look. But, more sophisticated users may find the brushed nickel finish more appealing. Lastly, there’s the oil-rubbed bronze, which adds a cozy, old-style layer to the bathroom.

Keep In Mind

A noticeable flaw of this unit is the water spray pattern. Water comes out perfectly, but it reaches the floor in a small cone shape. While this is nothing more than a minor inconvenience, it is still a bit awkward to experience.

6. SR SUN RISE SRSH-1203 Rainfall Showerhead

With an ultra-thin body, this shower head offers an elegant look to the bathroom. It’s simple, minimalist, and super stylish. Plus, it comes with a mirror-like chrome-plated finish that blends with the decoration seamlessly.

To make it last, the unit has a 304 stainless steel build. This material is top-notch, as it provides many benefits. Some of which are high resistance and less maintenance needed.

Why We Love It

Adjustable Angle

This unit has an adjustable angle that improves the showering experience significantly. Changing the water stream angle is easy, needing no more than quick hand movements. This is a convenient feature that guarantees every part of the body gets soaked in water.

Stainless Steel Filter

For more protection, the showerhead includes a stainless steel filter. This small but capable piece keeps impurities away from the showerhead and the water stream. Thus, each shower you take will feel both relaxing and secure. This filter is also durable to maintain your showering experience safe for a long time.

Excellent Water Pressure

Despite being ultra-thin, the body of this showerhead maintains proper water flow. This is possible due to the silicone nozzles, which are anti-clogging and prevent buildup. These nozzles keep water pressure at an optimal level to make each shower feel satisfying.

The silicone nozzles are also resistant and easy to maintain.

Keep In Mind

Since it has an in-built mechanism to restrict water, it may seem like the pressure isn’t good. This is an issue that you could solve with ease. All you have to do is work the metallic membrane using a drill. Once you do, water pressure will feel better.

7. KES J203S8-ORB ALL Metal Rain Shower Head – Easiest to Clean

‘Looks may be deceiving’ is a saying that applies to this unit. Under the first impression, it may seem like a conventional shower head. But, an in-depth look reveals all of its secrets. For starters, it’s an all-metal unit with resistance to withstand any condition. That includes both heat and cold temperatures. As such, it can continue to provide a pleasant time for years.

Here are the other reasons why this unit would be a fantastic addition to any bathroom.

Why We Love It

Swivel Ball Joint

Forget about water not hitting the right spots. This rain shower head lets you adjust its angle due to its swivel ball. You can do it after the installation, which is perfect for maximum comfort. Also, this is a fantastic benefit to let everyone enjoy the rain-like water flow. Whether it’s children or adults, this unit adapts to people of every height.

Anti-Clogging Nozzles

Made with silicone, each of the nozzles has an anti-clog design. This means that keeping them clean is super easy and fast. For maintenance, all you have to do is pull and push them to the side.  Doing this regularly will avoid mineral deposits, reducing potential clogging issues. Water will flow better with decent pressure for years.

Removable Flow Restrictor

Speaking of water pressure, the shower head also has a restrictor. This component is removable, which is useful for households with low-pressure water.

Keep In Mind

The fitting part of the nozzle that connects to the shower arm is a bit too short. Thus, the screw threads may be visible from the exterior. This is a slight disadvantage if you like everything to look neat.

Jet vs. Rain Shower Head

Besides rain shower heads, another super relaxing function is the massage jets. These are fantastic to remove tension, stress, and muscle pain from the body. However, here raises the question once again of which one is better. To get an answer, it’s essential to understand their differences.


Jets can provide concentrated water at high pressure. As mentioned before, they’re super helpful to relieve muscle and neck tension. And they feel nice, which is always good.

Rain shower heads are better to get long and satisfying showers. They may not be as high-pressure as the jets, but they’re still pleasant and relaxing.


Shower jets often come included in complete systems like a shower panel. That means you’d have to pay a little bit more than the average rain shower head.

Rain shower heads are much simpler. Also, they’re more affordable and need less work to get them installed.

Which One to Use?

Ultimately, it depends on which one you like the most. Jets can give you that high-pressure water stream needed to start the day. On the other hand, the rain shower head gives you complete water coverage for optimal relaxation.

How do you clean a Rain Shower head?

There’s no doubt that rain shower heads look fantastic. But, like any other shower head, leaving it unattended could damage their esthetics severely. That’s the last you’d want for your shower head. Luckily, keeping it clean is a pretty simple task. Let’s start by learning how to clean a detachable shower head.

Cleaning a Detachable Rain Shower Head

Typically, you can detach a shower head by untwisting it from the base. This is the very first step.

  • Once the rain shower head is out, put it inside a plastic container. Also, add distilled whiter vinegar inside.
  • Then, let the shower head and the vinegar rest for thirty minutes. If you have the time, you could leave it untouched for a full hour, too.
  • Get the shower head out of the container, and proceed to rinse with water.
  • Use a toothbrush to remove limescale. Make sure both the shower head and the nozzles are clean.
  • Here, use water one more time to rinse the unit. Afterward, polish it using a soft cloth.
  • Attach the shower head once again, and let the water run for a few seconds. This should remove any limescale left. Plus, it’ll also get rid of the vinegar entirely.

Cleaning a Fixed Rain Shower Head

But what about fixed rain shower heads? There’s no way to detach them that easily. So how to clean those? Don’t worry, here you’ll find out how.

  • Get a plastic bag large enough to cover the whole rain shower head.
  • Fill the bag with distilled white vinegar, but only half.
  • Get close to the shower head, and start slipping the bag over it carefully. Make sure the bag covers everything.
  • Use an elastic band to seal the bag completely.
  • Just like before, let the unit rest in the solution for thirty minutes or an hour.
  • Untie the plastic bag, and remove it. Then, activate the shower. This will help flush out whatever limescale remains left.
  • Use a toothbrush and a wet sponge to clean the shower head thoroughly.
  • Polish the unit using a soft cloth.
  • If necessary, repeat the process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do rain shower heads use more water?

No, rain shower heads don’t use more water. They have an in-built mechanism that allows them to provide water efficiently. These mechanisms combine water with air, turning low pressure into high pressure. The result is a super relaxing water massage effect.

Do rain shower heads have good pressure?

Rainshower heads do have surprisingly good water pressure. In fact, you may encounter a few marketed as high-pressure units. These are among the most satisfying, as they combine the best of standards with the rain-style showerheads.

However, know that the water pressure of these isn’t as good as the standard showerhead. People often compare the two, but that’s not really fair. The purpose of a rain shower head is different from what regular shower heads can do. That’s why their water pressure capacity varies.

As long as good water pressure goes, the rain showerheads to meet that expectation.

How far above your head should a rain shower be?

While there isn’t a specific code that homeowners should follow to install a rain shower head. But, it’s better to keep a few factors in mind to avoid issues. For example, you want to consider the height of the household inhabitants and the bathroom’s limitations.

The average rain shower head should be 84 inches from the floor. At this height, the unit should be in a convenient position to provide for the average person. Plus, it’ll also feel comfortable for those on the taller side.

Keep in mind the nature of a rain shower head. It must feel like natural rain, and you won’t have that if you’re too close to the unit.

Can I still use a handheld showerhead?

Yes. Even better, you won’t have to go the extra mile either. Some manufacturers offer sets with the rain shower head and a handheld showerhead, too. This is super convenient because you could use either one to adapt to your needs.


After using the best rain shower head, there’s no going back. The benefits offered by this type of showerhead are too many to ignore, as seen during this article. Every feature, component, and part work together flawlessly to provide an optimal showering experience.

Be careful, though. The rain shower heads can be addictive! Stepping under them may make you not want to come out just in time for work. That is perhaps the most wholesome downside of these units.