Taking a long shower can be the highlight of the day, but the fun quickly wears down once the bills come in.

Without noticing, spending several minutes under the shower can waste a lot of water. This turns to expensive bills and more money spent on costs. Sadly, this is an issue that most regular showerheads have.

But, there’s a quick solution for it. And that solution is to install the best low-flow shower head.

A low-flow shower head offers many advantages. Most prominently, it reduces water consumption significantly. Thus, you get to save both water and energy.

Continue reading to find out more about them.

Does Low-Flow Mean Low Pressure?

Low-flow doesn’t mean the showerhead has low-pressure water. This is a common misconception, though understandably so. Older shower heads with a low-flow design were relatively ineffective. These would often reduce the water pressure to a minimum. That’s why many believe that low-flow shower heads have flow issues.

But more recent low-flow showerheads tackle those problems effectively. These use a combination of smaller nozzles that deliver strong and consistent water pressure. As a result, the shower feels pleasant and refreshing.

How Do Low Flow Shower Heads Work?

Commonly, there are two types. Each one works a little bit differently from the other.


First, there are the non-aerating showerheads. They restrict water flow and squeeze the water stream through tiny holes. What comes out is a strong but comfortable massaging water spray.


The other one is the “Aerating” showerheads. These have a fascinating design to create a refreshing shower experience. By mixing water with air, the water spray comes out soft and bubbly.

They may work differently, but their purpose is the same. With either one, you’ll be saving a lot of water and money as well.

Low Flow Shower Head vs Regular

There’s no doubt that regular showerheads are alright. But, their high water consumption makes them a double-edged sword. Before you notice, a 10-minute shower can turn into a lot of money paid in water bills. This is not ideal, particularly with the low-flow shower heads around.

How do these showerheads compare to each other?

The main difference between the two is the water used. Many years ago, the regular shower head would deliver from 5 to 8 gallons per minute. This is inconceivable nowadays. More recent models are better, as they provide 2.5 gallons per minute. But they still may not be good enough to use water efficiently.

That’s where the low-flow showerheads come in. These water-saving shower heads are efficient and capable. With just the right amount of water, these heads are consistent and reliable. Plus, the nozzles distribute water properly to reduce consumption.

In some cases, the low-flow showerheads save 40% more water than the regular models.

There are other differences, but minimal. For instance, the size of the low shower head is smaller, just as its GPM capacity.

Low Flow Shower Head Benefits

While they’re popular for their low water use, there’s more to love. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits they provide.

Save Water

Want to enjoy a relaxing shower without worrying about its cost? A low-flow showerhead is what you need. These reduce water consumption significantly, which saves money and energy.

No Pressure Loss

For maximum relaxation, you’ll need a constant and steady water flow. In this area, the low-flow heads excel. These use less water while still maintaining an invigorating water flow. Though not as powerful as their high-pressure counterparts, these are still capable units.


Why stick to a specific shower style when you can go for many? That’s what the low shower head offers. You can use it to enjoy a quick rinse or a gentle, soft massage experience.


Available in different styles, there’s a model for everyone. Furthermore, you could go for either a classic showerhead or a handheld unit. Either way, variety is something you won’t miss.

How to Tell If You Need A Low-Flow Shower Head

Before purchasing a low-flow showerhead, it’s essential to know if you need one. The process to figure this out is very simple. Here’s how you do it.

Grab a one-gallon container and put it below the showerhead. Then, let the water run and keep track of how much time it takes to fill it up entirely. If the container fills in 15 seconds, your shower has 4 GPM approximately. In 10 seconds, the flow rate is around 6 GPM.

Using a low-flow showerhead has a massive impact on these numbers. It’d take about 24 seconds or more to fill up the container.

How to Choose the Best Low Flow Shower Head

The right set of features make the low shower head a phenomenal addition to the shower. But what exactly are these features, and how do you tell them apart? This section covers everything there’s to know before choosing one of these showerheads.


When compared to the standard showerheads, these are far more efficient at using water. Low-flow heads reduce water consumption significantly. At times, the water saved goes up to 40% and more. This is a terrific decrease in the money paid in water bills.

Primarily, this is the main reason people go for a low-flow showerhead. It may not seem like much, but you could be saving a lot of money per year. Not only are these showerheads super comfy, but also budget-friendly.

Spray Settings

If you want an optimal shower experience, consider a shower head with different settings. Typically, these come with two or three settings. That includes powerful spray, massage jets, and a mix of the two. There’s also a pause mode that reduces the water flow to a minimum.

A multi-setting low-flow showerhead is super convenient. You can use it for quick rinsing or for enjoying a relaxing time. The most significant benefit here is that you get to enjoy all the settings to the maximum. This is because you won’t have to worry about using too much water.

Shower Head Size

Choosing the size of the showerhead depends a lot on personal preferences. But, there are still a few things to consider.

  • First, a larger unit naturally has a wider spray area. This is fantastic because you’d get full body coverage without issues. Plus, everyone from adults to children will enjoy it to the fullest.
  • Does that make smaller units less effective? Not entirely. A smaller shower head means that it’s more compact. It’s easier to fit and would adapt quickly to most arm mounts. These don’t lack the power either. As you’ll find in the low-flow shower head reviews, there’s a particular 3-inch model that performs flawlessly.

Regardless of the size, make sure it fits.


While the installation isn’t complicated, the lack of some parts could complicate the process. For example, some kits may not have the arm mount, tape, or other components needed. This only means you’ll have to go the extra mile and find them yourself. Suffice to say that this isn’t ideal.

Before purchasing, check whether all parts come included. You would be saving time, money, and plenty of headaches. If it arrives with every part, you could mount it in minutes.


Design is something that varies from brand to brand. While some manufacturers provide all-metal units, others prefer plastic constructions. Either way, choosing the design of a shower head is entirely up to you. This also includes the finish, which also varies a lot.

But, there are four standard finishes you can choose from. Those are Chrome, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Polished Brass, and Brushed Nickel. Each one is a different style, so make sure to select the one that fits the shower’s decoration.

Here’s a quick guide to each finish.

  • Oil-Rubbed Bronze. This finish is fantastic if you want to add warmth to the shower. Also, it looks hip and modern with a vintage touch.
  • Chrome. For more versatility and durability, chrome is the one to pick. Plus, cleaning and maintaining shower heads with this finish is super easy.
  • Brushed Nickel. The improved, more durable finish when compared to chrome. The Brushed Nickel finish prevents fingerprints and water spots. Also, this finish blends with almost every type of decoration.
  • Polished Brass. Go for this finish if you’re looking for a shiny and glossy showerhead.

Other Features to Consider

Besides the already mentioned, there are other features to consider. Here’s a list of them with a brief description.

  • Flow Restrictor. By law, shower heads must have a flow restrictor. This small component could affect the water flow. So, removing it may be necessary sometimes.
  • Control Valve/Handle. Switching between each function should be a one-hand operation. This will only be possible with a proper handle or control valve. Also, consider a valve to adjust temperature levels.
  • Type of Head Shower. Besides the traditional faucet, another option to consider would be a handheld unit. A handheld low-flow shower head may be more convenient.
  • Arm Mount. Over which the shower head mounts. Some kits may not include it, so check twice before purchasing.
  • Anti-Clog. Self-cleaning nozzles are life-savers. These provide water consistently while avoiding buildups. No pressure loss, no water flow inconsistencies.
  • GPM. Also known as gallons per minute. Naturally, the lower the GPM, the more water used. Of course, GPM dictates the overall power of a shower head.
  • Swivel Ball-Joint. This component determines whether the shower head is adjustable. A functional swivel ball-joint means you can change the direction of the water with ease.

7 Best Low Shower Heads Reviews in 2021

The following are the top seven low-flow shower heads. After many tests, these units delivered fantastic results. Not only do they improve water savings, but they also feel great. By providing constant water flow and pressure, each shower is refreshing.

1. High Sierra’s FCS-100-CH-1.5 Low Flow Showerhead

Enjoy the wonders of a water-saving nozzle using this shower head. It has plenty of force to create a water stream that uses 40% less water. Even then, the water flow remains consistent for the duration of the shower. With three sizes and different finishes available, this is a fantastic addition to any shower.

Why We Love It

A Solid Build

Created with solid metal, the shower head puts up with anything. After a long time using it, the unit remains durable and in perfect shape. No rust could affect it, and neither will corrosion. This is also a benefit that helps protect the finish.


This showerhead does an outstanding job at avoiding clog issues. It manages to get rid of sand and minerals to prevent buildups. As a result, the water continues to come out steadily. The clog-free design is yet another reason to love this unit, as it means less maintenance is necessary.


Not only does this unit come in different sizes, but also many finishes. Depending on your preferences, you could go for four styles. That includes chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, and polished brass. The latter is, without doubt, the most good-looking. It has a shiny design that makes any shower decoration be the highlight of the house.

The unit is also available in 1.5 GPM, 1.8 GPM, and 2 GPM. With these sizes, it can cover any demands. Whether you enjoy more or less water, this shower head supplies.

Keep In Mind

A minor inconvenience saw in this unit is that it lacks a defined pattern. This causes the water to come out unevenly at times. Thus, it’s pretty easy to get water in the eyes.

2. Niagara Earth Massage Low Flow Shower Head

Water bills can drain wallets quickly when least expected. That’s why having the Niagara Earth Massage is one of the wisest decisions you could make. Running with a decent flow, the showerhead uses just the right amount of water without exceeding its limits. This only means you get to enjoy your showers care-free

Why We Love It


Even at 1.25 GPM, it disperses water with decent force. That is possible due to the 9-jet turbo massage design and the two settings offered. Both functions work at the same GPM, keeping a consistent flow rate throughout. This makes the Niagara Earth Massage a reliable unit for any time of the day.

In particular, the massage function is super convenient. It’s perfect for slowing down a bit and rinsing soap.

Non-Aerated Spray

It delivers a non-aerated spray with many benefits. For example, it reduces potential mineral buildups that’d affect water flow. Therefore, there are no pressure loss or consistency issues. This allows the jets to continue distributing water efficiently.

ABS Thermoplastic Body

Simplicity is what makes this unit so good. It has an ABS thermoplastic build that resists corrosion, impacts, and rust. Plus, no fingerprints remain over its surface after making contact with the showerhead. This is super convenient because it maintains its beautiful finish in excellent condition.

Keep In Mind

It’s also essential to consider its limitations. For instance, people with long, thick hair may struggle to wash it. In this case, the power of the unit may not be enough. It’d take more time than a higher GPM would need.

3. Aqua Elegante High-Pressure Shower Head

Built to last, this showerhead keeps everyone fresh for years to come. It’s a terrific choice for those new remodeling projects that need long-lasting fixtures. With four finishes available, the decoration properties of this unit are also top-notch. Choose between chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, or brushed nickel to make your shower the center of attention.

Guests will love it, and residents at home won’t want to leave the shower. Here’s why this shower head is an outstanding choice.

Why We Love It

Small, Yet Powerful

This showerhead is only 3 inches in diameter, but don’t let that fool you. At maximum capacity, the power of this unit is fantastic. It comes with a total of 42 nozzles that provide water at a terrific flow and pressure. This only means one thing: this 3-inch shower head is compact and powerful. Plus, its efficient use of water makes it the best water-saving shower head for many people.

Hard Water Resistance

Don’t let hard water cause you any more headaches. The shower head has silicone rubber to make the nozzles self-cleaning. This material allows the unit to deal with hard water without issues. By preventing minerals buildups, the water flow remains steady.

Durable Design

Featuring brass fitting, the connection is super tough. The chances of breaking or splitting are pretty low, reducing possible leaks. Furthermore, it has a solid ABS plastic construction for more resistance. All of this creates a durable and reliable shower head worth the money.

Keep In Mind

After shutting off the water, the showerhead does hold some in the empty area. This could cause stagnate water and would be very unfortunate. Making sure the extra drops come out is necessary to avoid this issue.

4. Delta 52672-15-BG Water Efficient Showerhead

This showerhead has a stunning design with super soft materials. Add to that the Chrome finish, and the unit won’t have a hard time fitting anywhere. It’s a suitable pick for those showers in need of a contemporary look. Of course, this showerhead does meet power standards as well.

Learn more about it here.

Why We Love It

Smooth Installation

Installing this unit is super easy and fast. With every accessory included, the process shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Even better, the guidelines provided have detailed instructions and clear indications. This makes it ideal for DIY projects and those without much experience.

1.5 GPM of Power

By providing 1.5 GPM, this showerhead holds a regular water flow. It doesn’t suffer from low-pressure issues, which improves its performance. Furthermore, the nozzles’ design allows the water stream to come out strong and at high speeds. This makes it perfect for a relaxing shower at the end of the day.

Sleek Chrome Finish

Other than looking good, the Chrome finish is highly resistant. It displays an incredible capacity to prevent rust, water spots, and corrosion. Because of this, keeping it shiny and clean is an easy task. You can even do it after the shower ends, as it only needs a couple of seconds to leave the unit impeccable.

Keep In Mind

Realistically, the price is the only issue with this product. But that’s understandable considering how good it performs. So, paying that bit of extra money is indeed worth it.

5. Delta Faucet 75152 2-Spray H2Okinetic Shower Head

Through concentrated water patterns, this shower head offers a refreshing showering experience. These sprays deliver high intensity, more immersion, and warmth to every shower. Combined with the wide coverage of the nozzles, everyone gets to enjoy a comforting and relaxing time.

Why We Love It

Powerful Settings

Depending on how you’re feeling, you can use this shower head in two different ways. The adjustable spray provides either a powerful or gentle shower. While the former feels fantastic, the latter is better for efficient water consumption.

Switching between these settings is super easy. There’s a volume-control lever on the showerhead, which is a no-brainer to operate. In just a second, the shower head transitions between each mode.

Pivoting Shower Head

If you liked the two settings, then you’ll also love the pivoting shower head. It’s the perfect addition to customize the shower just how you want it. Adjusting it is pretty straightforward, allowing you to find the ideal angle quickly.

User-Friendly Features

This is the ultimate user-friendly low shower head. It has a contemporary design featuring four spray holes. These holes have a fantastic construction that ensures the unit won’t clog up. Other than keeping the water flowing properly, this also leads to faster maintenance.

Another user-friendly element of this unit is its installation. Since it doesn’t need tools, all you’ll be using is tape. It’s a quick, hassle-free process that most can pull off easily.

Keep In Mind

While the DIY aspects of this shower head are ideal, there’s no shower arm in the package. You’d have to buy it separately, which is far from ideal. This means you have to spend more time and extra money to get everything set.

6. Speakman VS-3014-BN-E175 Handheld Shower Head

With a quick handle rotation, this shower head transitions between three modes. These modes include intense, massage, and a combination of the two. Each one works perfectly, and it only gets better due to the handheld design. Including a long hose, you can unmount the shower head to let the water reach every area.

These reasons make this unit the best low flow handheld shower head.

Why We Love It

Quality Build

This handheld device uses self-cleaning spray nozzles to maintain proper water flow. As such, there’s no loss in pressure even when the conditions are adverse. Through consistent performance, this unit is the perfect solution for low-water pressure households.

Sprays & Jets

There are 45 individual sprays and 12 center massage jets. That’s already an impressive feat to improve the shower experience.

The water flow is also worth mentioning. At 1.75 GPM, the sprays come at high speeds for a comfortable experience. Furthermore, directing the water stream is easy thanks to the 5 feet metal hose included.

Quick Installation

It’s surprising how fast it is to mount this unit. Every accessory needed for the installation comes included, making the process easier. This allows the handheld showerhead to fit on any shower arm effortlessly.

Keep In Mind

Removing the flow restrictor may be necessary. This wouldn’t be a problem at all, except that finding the piece is a bit tricky. By law, the company doesn’t provide guidelines on how to do it. So, getting the flow restrictor takes a lot of guesswork.

7.  Methven SJK005 Kiri Shower Head

Featuring twin-jet technology, it creates a fantastic water spray. It offers thousands of droplets per second, guaranteeing efficient use of water. This leads to a full-body shower sensation that takes your showers to the next level.

Here’s why this shower head would be an excellent addition to your shower.

Ergonomic Design

The perfect design of this unit is one of the very first things to notice. It has an ergonomic shape and clean lines that make it highly appealing. This also makes the shower head have a dynamic form to fit well with the rest of the decoration.

Additionally, the ergonomic design makes it easy to adjust the unit. With a swivel joint featured, you can adapt the water spray to meet your demands.

Wide Coverage

A fantastic benefit of this shower head is that it leaves nothing uncovered. The soft spray included has super-wide coverage, distributing water evenly. Because of this, every area of the body gets soaked in water. This is perfect for either relaxing or enjoying a complete shower experience.

Efficient Water Use

At 1.5 GPM, the water flow is constant and steady. It produces tiny beads of water that feel comfortable. This is also an advantage due to the reduced water consumption, saving some money meanwhile.

Keep In Mind

While active, it can also produce a bit of mist. It may be excellent at first, but small bathrooms will get foggy quickly. A direct consequence of this is that facing the showerhead may be awkward. Water can get in the eyes with ease, which isn’t ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are low flow shower heads worth it?

Absolutely. Low-flow shower heads use water more efficiently. This means that it doesn’t waste as much as regular showers. Over a year, this can lead to hundreds of dollars saved.

What is the lowest GPM shower head?

During the reviews, you’ll find different 1.5GPM shower head models. This is the lowest GPM featured here. But, it isn’t the lowest capacity available. That honor goes to Bricor, a brand that promotes a 0.5 GPM low-flow shower head. It’s an ultra-low unit that even then manages to meet the user’s demands.

Are all new shower heads low flow?

The Energy Policy Act sanctioned in 1992 dictates the standard maximum flow rate should be 2.5 GPM. All shower head manufacturers create their products under this rule. So, they all stick to the standard flow rate even if they call their products low-flow.

How can I make my low flow shower head more powerful?

Reduced pressure may be a consequence of different factors. To increase it, there are many techniques you could try. This includes the following:

  • Clean the sediment.
  • Remove the flow restrictor.
  • Install a water pump.

If none of this works out, you may want to replace the shower head.


It’s alright to be skeptical. A shower head that saves a considerable amount of money seems too good to be true. But that’s precisely what the low flow shower head can do.

If you want to enjoy showers thoroughly, then you definitely need the best low flow shower head. Here you’ve found the top picks. Now it’s your turn to pick one. Those extra bucks saved by the end of the month will surely come in handy later on!