Want to save time while taking a shower? Nothing will help you like the best dual shower head…

The average shower takes about 8 minutes. Some people extend this to 15 minutes.

You can use a dual showerhead to reduce this time to 5 minutes (or even less).

And it’s simple: a single showerhead covers one area of your body at a time.

Meanwhile, a dual showerhead lets you cover more of your body and clean yourself more thoroughly.


Doesn’t that sound like a HUGE IMPROVEMENT?

Well, now imagine if TWO people could enjoy these benefits…


There’s no limit to how beneficial these dual showerheads can be.

Check below and learn ALL about them! (You may also find the perfect showerhead for your bathroom).

Types of Double Shower Heads

Sure, dual shower heads are simple. They are like a single showerhead but with two spouts…

Well, it’s not that easy. Models vary depending on the TYPE OF SHOWERHEAD you get.

Here are some to consider:

Removable Showerheads

These are all those with at least one spout you can use handheld. 

Fixed Dual Showerheads

When both spouts are fixed to the base.

Adjustable-Height Showerheads

They can be either fixed or removable, but the deck changes heights so you can adjust it to preference.

How Do Dual Shower Heads Work?

They seem simple, but they’re far from it.

The process to make water come out of BOTH spots at once is not child’s play.

But it’s not rocket science either. Here’s how it goes:

  1. A typical single-head shower comes with a valve that OPENS and CLOSES the water delivery into the spout. A dual shower head offers a DIVERTER VALVE on top of that valve.
  2. This diverter valve makes it possible to redirect or block water to either showerhead as needed. In addition, it comes with a bracket just before the shower heads (making it easier to adjust water flow on demand).
  3. There are two types of diverter valves: a 2-WAY diverter that lets the user choose between two showerheads. Meanwhile, a 3-WAY valve makes it possible to either choose between the showerheads or use both simultaneously.
  4. A dual shower head also turns on with a knob or open/close valve. But the flow of the water to either shower head depends on the diverter configuration.

You can say a dual shower head is the same as a single-head one but with an additional diverter so you can DECIDE where to get the water from.

Benefits of Dual Shower Heads

Imagine not having a showerhead in the bathroom. Then you suddenly get one, and your life changes forever.

Well, now imagine having only one showerhead. Then you decide to install a second one.

That’s how valuable and pleasant a dual shower head can be.

To make it clearer, consider these benefits:

  • Twice as much water flow in the shower so you can rinse TWICE AS FAST
  • Lets you wash two parts of your body at once (and with better results)
  • Target your back and any other area of your body for wonderful massages
  • Easier time cleaning the shower and entire bathroom
  • Makes it a no-brainer for two people (like couples) to wash at once

And there’s a lot more to enjoy… Like how glamorous it can look to how much effort and time it saves over time. SO YOU SHOULD GET ONE RIGHT NOW!

Are Multiple Shower Heads Worth It?

It really depends…

But overall? It’s way better having two than one.

For example, isn’t it better to have two elevators in a building instead of only one? Or having two street lines instead of one? And as the last example, wouldn’t you prefer sharing two bathrooms instead of one?


Having the chance to change between showerheads, share them, and just decide whether you want to wash two parts of your body at once – IT’S ALL WORTH IT.

It’s way better to have a dual shower head and not need it most of the time than to need it and not having it.

Just think about this:

  1. Do you live with another person, and you take showers together from time to time?
  2. Do you struggle to find a showerhead angle, so the stream covers your body?
  3. Do you want to save time and effort while showering?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then a multiple shower head will be a great addition to your bathroom.

Even more so if you answer YES to more than one of these questions.

How We Picked the Best Dual Shower Heads

Now we can get into the nitty-gritty…

But first, let’s teach you EVERYTHING you need to know about the best dual showerheads.

And for that, you need to understand WHY and HOW we picked the models below.

This will give you an idea of what we (experts) think about the products below (dual shower heads). Check it out:

Mount or Base

Why is this important?

At first, it lets you know how sturdy the shower heads will feel when you use them. So you need to pick the sturdiest base possible.

But there’s another reason: some mounts come with magnetic clamps and uniquely gorgeous designs that add to the practicality and the beauty of the piece.

Having a HIGH-QUALITY mount or base is always worth it. So we picked models that matched that.

Hose Length

For most dual shower heads, you will find at least one hose. This hose needs to be long enough for most people to connect the water inlet with the showerhead.

What’s long enough? The general measure would be 5 feet. Anything less than that IS NOT WORTH IT.

NOTE: Length alone is not always enough. Also, check whether it is an anti-twist or tangle-free hose, preferably made of stainless steel for a better experience.

Head Size

The amount of water and stream width coming from the shower heads will vary on their size.

And for that, we recommend no less than 4 inches. Some will go up to 10 inches (these can be REALLY WIDE and hard to install, though).

NOTE: Some showerheads are bigger than 5 inches when fixed and become smaller when handheld (often with 2-in-1 models).

Materials and Durability

No bathroom fixture is complete without the proper construction. And for dual shower heads, we recommend nothing less than the STURDIEST materials.

That often means stainless steel for high-end pieces and ABS plastic for lower-quality ones. Some models may boast a combination of these two materials and still be AMAZINGLY DURABLE.

Finishes and Designs

It’s hard to figure out whether a design fits your bathroom style (because that’s on you). So we went for both traditional and modern pieces so you can pick whatever you find more enticing.

As for finishes, we focused on those that worked better with a broader array of styles, like Chrome. But you can also find Nickel and Bronze pieces within our best dual showerheads.

NOTE: The design will vary A LOT on a fixed, removable, or adjustable-height model. A fixed model, for example, will have a simpler design than the other two.

Spray Settings

It’s not enough to have two shower heads to shoot water from. You also want different sprays to maximize your showering results.

And when we say different sprays, we really mean at least three options.

This should include a full-body spray and a high-pressure or massaging stream. The rest would be extras but still worth considering (especially those that help you save water and whatnot).

NOTE: It’s about having different sprays and the chance to CHANGE them on demand. A smooth spray-setting feature like a knob is always a great addition (it saves you time and effort).

Extra Features

Even though dual shower heads feel like a HUGE STEP UP, they’re still nowhere what they could be. However, when you add a few extras, they become a completely new product.

Here are some of these extras to consider and WHY:

  • Adjustable-angle heads ALWAYS come like a great addition, especially in fixed heads.
  • Pause and flow-rate adjustment buttons increase how much control you have over the water.
  • Extendable hoses increase the reach but also the versatility of the whole piece.
  • Magnetic bases make it a piece of cake to dock the handheld showerhead.

And many others… but these would be the ones to consider if you REALLY want to boost your overall experience. That’s why most of our choices below feature these.

Flow Rate

You obviously want a lot more water coming into your body. Sadly, that’s not always the case with dual showerheads.

But if you pick a high-flow-rate model, there’ll be nothing to worry about.

What does a high flow rate mean? Mainly anything over 1.8 GPM. For us, it was 2.5 GPM that makes it worth it.

If the dual shower head you’re eyeing doesn’t offer that much, you’re probably making a mistake.

Anti-Clog Nozzles

Who wouldn’t want to waste as little time as possible cleaning the shower heads?

More importantly, who wouldn’t want the stream to ALWAYS come out as smoothly as possible.

That’s what anti-clog nozzles make possible.

These prevent the minerals coming with the water from clogging the head. A design feature like this is almost unbeatable.

Best Dual Shower Heads Reviews in 2021

1. Delta In2ition 2-in-1 Dual Handheld Shower Head

The obvious choice: Delta.

It’s not a mistake when we say that this is the best 2 in 1 shower head in the market. And it’s for three main reasons.

Delta’s GREAT Quality

One, because it boasts all the quality and assurance that Delta offers. This is easily the most sought-after brand for bathroom items. And the In2ition is a perfect example of why.

You get a stainless-steel hose, an extra-quick installation system, and much more. Delta makes it easy to pick this one because it leaves NOTHING to be desired.

Extreme Water Coverage

Second, because it is INCREDIBLY EASY TO WASH YOURSELF. And when we say easy, we mean FAST, BETTER, and ENJOYABLY.

The reason? You get a PowerDrench spray that provides up to three times more coverage than the typical showerhead. The amount of time you’ll be saving when showering will be reason enough to get it.

Tons of Quality Usage Features

Third, you get several features that make it easy to use, super-practical, and highly versatile.

First, you get the Magnatite Docking. Imagine never NEVER having to tweak the showerhead to set it up.

Second, you get 5 spray options. Apart from its H20Kinetic and PowerDrench, you also get other sprays for any showering experience.

And lastly, you get a Pause function, so you use a lot less water than usual. Are you an eco-head? This comes as the perfect feature to have.

DON’T IGNORE THIS: You get a handheld and a fixed showerhead. The combination lets you cover TWICE the amount of body area when washing, so rinsing becomes a pleasurable (AND QUICK) activity.

What We Liked

  • Delivers unbeatable stream width for higher coverage
  • Its magnetic base makes it a piece of cake to operate
  • Lets you pause and change spray settings FAST and EASILY
  • The installation will take a lot less time than you think

What We Didn’t Like

  • The pause button is not as durable as expected

2. Moen 26009 Engage 2-in-1 Shower Head

Moen’s Engage sets you up to wash more efficiently, exert less effort, and still make your shower area more enticing.

Doesn’t that sound great?

Now, why do we think this is the best shower head combo? Here are some reasons:

Multi-functional Spray System

First, it needs to have multiple spraying options. This one comes with different massaging sprays, various rinsing streams, and a wide-coverage function. On top of that, you CAN PAUSE. That’s a multifunctional showerhead in its entirety.


Second, it is designed and built to LAST A LIFETIME. Moen’s quality never disappoints, and this stainless-steel piece (with some plastic parts) and a Chrome finish is not an exception. Your bathroom will look GORGEOUS but also RESILIENT.

Save Time and Effort!

Third, it is as practical as they come. A flexible hose allows for the easiest of showering experiences, and with the magnetic base (Magnetix), you won’t have any problem placing it back after use. What’s better than having almost nothing to worry about?

WHAT’S EVEN BETTER: It offers a surprisingly high pressure with the 2.5 GPM. That’s enough to power up both showerheads at once and still rinse your body ENTIRELY.

What We Liked

  • The pressure is constant and high enough for both heads
  • It looks beautiful with its design and shiny finish
  • Saves a lot of effort thanks to the magnetic docking
  • The spray system is surprisingly practical

What We Didn’t Like

  • Comes with many plastic pieces (it may break over time)

3. Speakman VS-232007 Napa 2-Way Shower Combination

Imagine washing with your partner and having to share the showerhead. In turns. Slowly. Wasting water like never before.

Doesn’t that sound annoying?

What if there was a solution? Like the VS-232007 Napa from Speakman, the best dual shower head for couples…

Here’s why:

Tons of Versatility

Two people showering tends to be a tricky situation when there’s only one showerhead. But what about having TWO instead?

This one does it incredibly versatile, thanks to the combination of a high-placed fixed showerhead and a handheld one. NO NEED TO SHARE THE SAME ONE EVER AGAIN!

Superior Stream Quality

Don’t wait for the water pressure to increase by itself. The Napa showerhead boasts the Anystream technology that BOOSTS the spray speed so you can wash FASTER and rinse more EFFECTIVELY every time.

Not to say you also get a 360-degree handheld system for extra body coverage.


Who wants to spend hours and hours installing a fixture? NO ONE!

That’s why Speakman made it a NO-BRAINER to install this one. The 60-inch metal hose, a mounting bracket, and US-plumbing compatibility make it one of the easiest to install you’ll find. NO CAP!

CONSIDER THIS: You get two different finishes to choose from: Brushed Nickel and Polished Chrome. And what’s even better, you get a WHOOPING 2.5 GPM of flow for SUPERB pressure when washing.

What We Liked

  • Works perfectly for couples and two-people showers
  • Its sprays and streams are super-versatile
  • Anyone can set it up in just a few minutes
  • Offers UNBEATABLE pressure for consistent delivery

What We Didn’t Like

  • The nozzles reduce water pressure a bit

4. AquaDance Premium 3-Way Hand Held Shower

A BARGAIN. That’s all you need to know about this showerhead.

It’s pretty much the cheapest high-quality option we found. And we were surprised it was still available.

The reason? It has way too many GREAT FEATURES despite its low cost.

These features include:

A 6-Setting Spray

In BOTH SHOWERHEADS. You get the chance to enjoy anything from a Pulsating Massage to a Rain Massage, Power Mist, Power Rain, and even a Water-Saving choice with Pause mode.

Imagine the opportunities. Not only to wash in any way you want but also SAVE WATER!


Want to boost your bathroom appeal? It’s as easy as picking the perfect finish.

You can pick from Chrome, Brushed Nickel, or Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

But it’s not the finish that sets it apart… THE DESIGN IS GORGEOUS.

They boast a modern touch that still matches classical showers. You get the best of both worlds to be sure it will match ANY STYLE.

Comfy and Ultra-Handy

While the showerheads are ergonomically designed, they also make it easy to change between spray systems thanks to a simple turn-knob head.

You can also enjoy an angle-adjustable design and a superb 5-feet stainless steel hose for far-reaching rinsing.


NOT TO DISMISS: It is undoubtedly durable and light to use, thanks to a combination of ABS plastic and steel. Every piece will last as long as you use it safely every time.

What We Liked

  • It is incredibly affordable despite its GREAT quality
  • The looks are OUTSTANDING for its cost
  • Has a uniquely practical design for easy operation
  • Comes with many sprays and stream options

What We Didn’t Like

  • The plastic construction may feel fragile

5.  Ana Bath 5 High-Pressure 3-Way Large Dual Shower Head

A simple solution to your lack of showering power: the Ana Bath 5-inch showerhead.

It gets the job done, lasts a long time, and lets you personalize the showering experience to the max.

If we were looking for a practical yet decently-priced showerhead with two sprays, this would be our first choice. WE ARE 100% HONEST ABOUT THIS.

Why do we like it so much? Here are some significant reasons:

Essence of Multifunctionality

There’s a 5-inch showerhead you can handle effortlessly to rinse ANY part of your body on demand. Then there’s the second showerhead. This one is fixed but with angle adjustments.

You won’t miss any part of your body with this configuration. Even less so when you consider the five spray settings so you can SHOWER HOWEVER YOU PREFER.

Convenient in Every Way

A showerhead you can handle with ease and comfort, lock and unlock on-demand, and still keep clean without making much of an effort – THAT’S WHAT YOU SHOULD GO FOR.

This 5-inch shower comes with EVERYTHING you need to ensure that, starting from an ergonomic design, Anti-Clog nozzles, an angle-adjustable overhead bracket, and a turn-dial for water diversion. YOU GET IT ALL.

Superb Durability and Looks

Last but not least, it LOOKS AMAZING and LASTS A LIFETIME. It’s not a premium dual showerhead, but it’s resilient enough to withstand several years of use (thanks to a stainless-steel build with brass nuts).

And its design is other-worldly, regardless of whether you pick the Chrome, Brushed Nickel, or Oil-Rubbed Bronze finishes. The extra coating prevents corrosion from making it even more resistant.

YOU ALSO GET: A long 5-feet hose for the handheld showerhead that boasts an anti-twist design, so you’ll NEVER have to worry about a tangled hose when showering.

What We Liked

  • Requires little to no effort to operate and maintain
  • Comes in various good-looking finishes
  • The construction is sturdy enough for the cost
  • Feels comfy and light on the hand

What We Didn’t Like

  • The water pressure is not as high as you may expect

How to Use Dual Shower Heads

The operation will change a lot depending on what TYPE and DESIGN you’re using. But the basics are the same in all showerheads: turn the knob and wait for the water to come out.

Having said that, dual shower heads come with a few additional parts that make this different. Here’s how they work:

  1. Start by turning the knob as you would any other shower head. Then, wait for the water to come out of the primary spout.
  2. Now proceed to change the flow with the side/bottom/top lever or click. It will let you decide whether you want water coming out both heads or only one.
  3. Then proceed to twist the border of the showerhead to change the spray settings as needed.

You’ll be ready to rinse and pour water right away.

Dual Shower Head Maintenance Tips

There’s not much of a difference between maintaining a typical single-head shower or a dual one. As long as you understand the piece is the same but double, that would be enough to help you.

Here are a few extra pieces of advice to consider:

Remove the Showerheads and Scrub (If Possible)

Most showerheads are removable. Take them off the main hoses and base.

Now you can clean them more easily with a toothbrush. Be sure to remove all the dirt and mineral build-up on the nozzles, more than anything.

Use Vinegar and Soapy Water

The rubbing of the nozzles will remove the superficial gunk. But to get REALLY DEEP and make them pristine showerheads, you need to use vinegar (and soapy water).

First, let the showerheads rest on vinegar for a few hours. The vinegar will get into the crevices and more complex parts.

Then start scrubbing the nozzles and any other part of the showerhead with a toothbrush. This should remove any remaining gunk.

NOTE: If you can’t remove the shower head from the base/hose, wrap it with a bag filled with vinegar (make sure the liquid covers the piece).

Clean the Filter (Optional)

The shower heads with a filter have it behind the nozzles in the spouts.

This filter holds part of the minerals and dirt coming in water. It looks more like a screen than a filter (battery-like).

You will need to take each spout apart and gently remove the nozzles and other parts of the showerhead with tweezers or pliers.

Once you have them out, brush them softly with soapy water. This should remove most of the build-up on the filter.

You can install them back afterward.

Read the Shower Head Instructions

NOTHING will help you more than reading the instructions of the specific model you picked.

It should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about cleaning and maintaining the piece.


Before you take any step, make sure you’re doing what the manufacturer recommends. This could help you void warranties and cause damage. More importantly, it will show you how exactly the showerhead was deemed to be maintained.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Cleaning your bathroom fixtures with chemicals may seem like the way to go. But most of the time, it’s way better to use mild detergent, soap, or vinegar over anything chemical that could cause damage.

If you don’t want your nicely finished showerheads to lose or change their color, avoid any cleaning product that could damage the piece.

How to create more water pressure for dual shower heads?

The best solution would be to change the shower’s plumbing system. Using bigger pipes is ALWAYS helpful. Otherwise, you can decide to use a water pump that focuses on the bathroom (or large enough so every part of the house gets boosted).

Do dual showerheads use more water?

Yes. Most dual shower heads offer more than 2.5 GPM, so they process a lot more water than the typical single-head shower. This may increase water consumption by 50% in most cases.

How to switch water flow on a dual shower head?

There should be a small lever or knob on the side of the shower base. This piece often twists or activates to change whether the water comes from one head or the other. It may also affect the amount of water.


Don’t waste a single second of your time washing with single-head showers…


With the different options above and our brief yet complete guide, you should have NO EXCUSE to wait…

You already learned everything – so why don’t you give yourself a treat and get a dual shower head to enjoy that precious time WITHOUT WASTING ANY OF IT?