With the best Delta shower heads, you’ll be ready to enjoy the MOST RELAXING showers, GORGEOUS designs, and TROUBLE-FREE pieces that never break.

Doesn’t that seem like a great thing to have? Showerhead systems that offer everything? EVERYTHING.

And we’re not exaggerating.

Delta makes that possible as the most prestigious name in the market, going back almost seven decades delivering the best fixtures. And they never disappoint. NEVER.

Doesn’t that sound like you need to get one of these?

Well, we’ve gathered some of the best Delta showerheads and reviewed them. We went through NUMEROUS websites, tons of CONSUMER REVIEWS and even tried some of these ourselves.

Below, you’ll find EVERYTHING we have to say (you won’t have to do ANY RESEARCH). Check it out!

But first… Why Choose Delta?

Let’s be honest: there are hundreds of different showerhead brands out there.

Why would you pick Delta?

Well, there are many compelling reasons to do so, like its prestige. Few brands have been in the fixture market as long as Delta has, consistently delivering outstanding quality in every way.

But there’s still a lot more to enjoy from Delta.

For example, it has the BROADEST array of fixtures to pick from. You can find everything from handheld showerheads to fixed rain showerheads, touch models, and more (we’ll explain these later).

And lastly, Delta is a brand that focuses on quality and durability over anything else. If you ask ANYONE who owns a Delta fixture, they’ll likely tell you about its resilience and overall sturdiness. And how glad they are of going this way.

So, is getting a Delta shower head worth it? ABSOLUTELY.

In fact, if we were to recommend any fixture brand, Delta would easily be our first choice. That’s how great it is.

Check the Types of Delta Shower Head Out There!

Delta is excellent. There’s no doubt about that.

Now, how many kinds of showerheads does it offer?

You’ll be happy to know there are actually a few. Knowing more about them will make it easier to pick exactly the one you need:

Fixed Single-Spray

This is the most common type. Fixed models don’t move. Instead, they are installed in the bathroom wall and pour water down directly. It’s nothing fancy but practical enough for most people.

Fixed Multi-Spray

Some are also fixed but offer a significant advantage: you can enjoy at least two different types of sprays.

Handheld Showerhead

Don’t want to get stuck with a fixed shower head that offers little to no movement? Go for a handheld model.

Washing your entire body will be a no-brainer. Plus, handheld models often come with multiple sprays to enjoy.

Rain Showerhead

In case you prefer a rain-like stream coming out of the shower, you’ll love rain showerheads. These hand horizontally so the water pours down vertically (like rain) and with a broader stream. But of course, you can’t move them or adjust the spray.

Dual Showerheads

These can be a combination of handheld showers with either fixed or rain showerheads. Either way, you get extra convenience, so you can wash any way you prefer. Also, you’ll have tons of spray options to use.

Delta Shower Head vs Waterpik – Which is Better?

This is a long-standing argument. The reason is that Delta and Waterpik offer different products, so picking between one and the other often becomes a bit complicated. But don’t worry, we’re going to clear your doubts with the factors below:

Looks (Finishes and Designs)

Waterpik focuses on delivering the MOST FUNCTIONALITY possible. And for that reason, most showerheads focus on having different spray options, decent mobility, and tremendous pressure. As a result, their looks are a bit less critical.

Delta, on the other hand, delivers BEAUTIFUL showerheads. While these pieces suffer a bit in functionality, they always look outstanding, with several finishing colors and surfaces to pick from. So if you want to boost your bathroom’s appeal, Delta is the way to go.

Versatility (Functions and Types)

How many types of showerheads can you expect from Delta vs. Waterpik?

Well, you’d be surprised at the BROAD array of offerings from Delta. You can find pretty much any type of showerhead, from handheld to fixed, dual, rain, and many other variations. In fact, you can find over 320 showerhead models from Delta.

Waterpik is ALMOST as versatile when it comes to offering. But because it focuses on functionality, it doesn’t offer such a wide array of products. For example, Waterpik only has over 160 showerheads (half of what Delta offers).

Durability (Material Quality)

Both brands have great fame for being reliable and durable. But if we had to pick between the two, we wouldn’t hesitate to go for Delta.

The reason? You generally get better materials and more expertly crafted products.

But it also depends on what you’re looking for. Waterpik is known for its limited lifetime warranty, which could be a great thing to have.

Pressure (How Fast Water Flows)

Between Delta and Waterpik, which one offers the most pressure?

In this case, we have to give the crown to Waterpik. This brand focuses MAINLY on showerheads. And for that reason, it makes sure even the smallest models offer tremendous pressure.

Delta doesn’t stay too far behind. But because Delta makes fixtures of all kinds, its showerheads are not as well-optimized for pressure.

Verdict (Which One is Best?)

It’s up to you. In our case, we can’t recommend Delta showerheads enough. We may sound biased, but it’s true.

The looks, versatility, and durability make it a valuable brand to go for. But while Waterpik is AMAZING, Delta is the BETTER choice. BY FAR.

So… How We Picked Best Delta Shower Head?

You’re well aware of why Delta is such a great brand to consider.

Now let’s teach you what factors we considered for the showerheads we picked. Take a look:

Quality & Design

Before we pick ANY product, we make sure it can withstand the weight of time. Moreover, we make sure it is a lovely piece.

Having these two features at once is often more than enough to say it is a great product.

Our focus here is to have both the looks and the durability, so the product makes any bathroom more attractive and more reliable.

Water Pressure

Measured by GPM (gallons per minute), the pressure is EXTREMELY important. So when looking for the best Delta shower head for water pressure, we made sure it offered AT LEAST 2.5 GPM.

That would be our starting point for most showerheads. But you may still find models offering 1.8 GPM. This doesn’t mean they’re less powerful, but they will probably spray less water.

Spray Patterns

Talking about sprays… You also want as many patterns as possible.

This is not essential, but more spray patterns mean a lot more versatility and functionality. As a result, you can bathe with more freedom, comfort, relaxation, and efficiency.

We strived to pick models with AT LEAST two spray patterns.


How easy are they to operate? How far can they go? And how easy are they to install?

We asked all these questions before choosing. Our focus was to pick products that didn’t take much to use, offered a lot more freedom, and required little to no installation effort.

Luckily, most of our choices below fit with this.


Last but not least, we wanted the best showerheads from Delta to be efficient.

Water is the most precious resource we have, and it’s slowly running out. Getting a showerhead that makes it easier to save some of that resource is always worth it.

The models below make that possible with either Pause or Ecological modes.

5 Best Delta Shower Heads Reviews 2021

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty…

You’ll find our BEST PICKS for Delta showerheads. If you’re taking a showerhead home today, make sure it’s one of these (YOU WON’T REGRET IT!):

1. DELTA 58680-SS25 HydroRain Shower Head

Why get a fixed or handheld showerhead when you can get BOTH AT THE SAME TIME?

The HydroRain is a Delta high pressure shower head with a dual design, combining RAIN and HANDHELD.

This results in the most practical piece you can expect… WITH TONS OF EXTRA FEATURES.

The HIGHEST Water Pressure

It’s not our favorite high-pressure showerhead just because. This 2.5 GPM model boasts the H20Kinetic feature, ensuring a pressure-oriented spray that cleans and massages without a single drawback.

A Piece of Cake to Use

A handheld showerhead with MagnaTite is never to dismiss. MagnaTite is a docking system that MAGNETIZES that handheld shower. You won’t have to worry about the handheld piece falling.

For even more convenience, you’re gifted with an 82-inch hose. That handheld shower will reach EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY.


It starts with the PowerDrench Spray that delivers up to THREE TIMES more water than the typical spray. This matches well with the Full-Body, Massaging, and Shampoo-Rinsing sprays. THERE’S EVEN A PAUSE FUNCTION.

WHAT’S EVEN BETTER: The showerhead stays clean thanks to the Touch-Clean holes that clean themselves. Still, they make it easy to take the head apart so you can manually scrape residues. AWESOME.

What We Liked

  • Reaches any part of your body with a handheld piece
  • Rain spray head covers a lot of body surface
  • Increases water flow so you can wash FASTER
  • It’s available in 6 different BEAUTIFUL finishes

What We Didn’t Like

  • It takes too many clicks to go from rain mode to handheld and vice versa

2. Delta 7-Spray Touch-Clean Handheld Shower Head

We wanted a practical yet straightforward Delta shower and handheld combo. And for that, nothing matched the quality offered by this 7-spray model.

It offers pretty much everything you could need without hitting your wallet.

More importantly, it delivers the functionality you rarely get with other showerhead brands. These are some of the features you’re getting:

Spray Options for EVERYONE

A Full-Body, Massaging, Drenching, Energy-Saving, Wide Full-Body, Full-Body with Massage, and even a PAUSE mode. It doesn’t matter WHAT YOU NEED – this showerhead offers everything.

On top of that, the piece boasts Massaging Jets. That means you get sufficient water pressure to give yourself a massage while showering and relax all your stress away.

BEST Pivoting and Reach!

A pivoting shower head lets you MOVE TO ANY ANGLE. Showering with this feature saves you a lot of frustration (no need to get under the shower as you can move it wherever you want).

Alongside the 60-inch handheld hose, the practicality is almost unbeatable for the cost. Don’t forget this hose stretches up to 72 inches (ISN’T THAT AMAZING?).


You want a showerhead that doesn’t take much to clean. This model offers precisely that.

A set of Touch-Clean holes allows for super-quick cleaning of all the residues left behind. You don’t even have to use sponges or scrubs – your finger will suffice to clean everything up.

ALSO: Being a simple product also means you won’t have to spend more than a few minutes setting it up. Anyone looking for a quick and reliable showerhead solution, this one would be it.

What We Liked

  • Feels sturdy and resilient despite its super-low price
  • Reaches far and smoothly for easy use
  • Doesn’t require an expert to install or clean
  • There’s a spray mode FOR EVERYONE (regardless of needs)

What We Didn’t Like

  • Several plastic parts make it a bit fragile (DON’T LET IT FALL)

3. Delta Windemere Single-Spray Shower Head

A fixed showerhead may not be the most sought-after choice…

UNLESS IT IS THE BEST DELTA SHOWER SYSTEM for cold/hot water systems!

We aren’t exaggerating. This showerhead comes with the whole package so you can enjoy a complete system that lets you appreciate the beauty and GREAT DURABILITY without affecting temperature options.

On top of that, the Windemere collection is a high-end series, SO YOU’RE GETTING TOP QUALITY. Here’s else you get with this showerhead:

Beauty at its MAX!

No one wants an ugly showerhead. NO ONE.

That’s why Delta made sure the Windemere was a beautiful piece in every way. This modern-styled piece will make any bathroom a GORGEOUS place. It is available in Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Chrome, and Stainless finishes.

Also, you can enjoy the minimalistic design that keeps your shower from feeling overcrowded.


You get only one type of spray: Full-Body.

But there’s an advantage, this spray is POWERFUL. Almost uniquely potent, enough to get your entire body DRENCHED in water so you can clean yourself without any drawback.

The BEST Valve System

Alongside a cute shower handle and head, you also get a valve. This valve keeps the system from changing temperatures too suddenly, so you don’t have to suffer any discomfort while showering.

The Monitor pressure-balanced Valve balances the whole water flow so you can wash with maximum comfort every time.

WHAT’S MORE: The whole system is a no-brainer to install. Regardless of your experience, you can set it up in just MINUTES. There’s no waste of time with this piece.

What We Liked

  • Its spray power is more than enough for any use
  • It looks gorgeous (in every finish available)
  • The quality valve balances flow to prevent sudden temp changes
  • Delivers decent stream pressure and consistency

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lack of spray options makes it less practical

4.  Delta In2ition 2-in-1 Handheld Shower Head

Want Delta shower systems with rain shower and handheld piece? Then you’re looking for the In2ition showerhead.

This is a 2-in-1 model offering a RAIN showerhead plus a HANDHELD piece. Together, they deliver the MOST PRACTICAL showerhead on the list, BY FAR.

This is not only because of the dual design but a magnificent set of other features, such as:

Great Spray INTENSITY!

There are many spray options: Full-Body, Massaging, and Full-Body with Massage.

Regardless of what you select when showering, you’ll get an INTENSE FLOW OF WATER.

Your whole body will be drench, your muscles will be massaged, and your showering time will be reduced by half. No dirt will resist the intensity this system offers.

Super Easy-to-Use

You get a docking system for the handheld piece that saves you the frustration and time of adjusting it.

But that’s not all: you also get a 60-inch hose. Imagine reaching EVERY PART OF YOUR BODY without having to stretch or move in awkward ways.

Efficiency at its Maximum

Apart from its exceptional practicality and power, this piece is also efficient. You get a WaterSense label, meaning it saves 20% more water than the typical showerhead.

But that’s not all… You also get a PAUSE function. That’s right – you can pause the shower at any moment without reaching down to the knob. The result? Less wasted water when you’re shampooing or soaping yourself – and it’s all with a simple touch of a button!

CONSIDER THIS: Cleaning the showerheads takes little to no effort, thanks to the Touch-Clean feature. Just pass your finger over the spray holes, and mineral residues or gunk should get off right away.

What We Liked

  • Intense pressurized spray relaxes and cleans
  • It is surprisingly efficient and ecological
  • Allows docking and easy operation with long hose
  • Saves time and effort when cleaning

What We Didn’t Like

  • Docking is not magnetic (NOT ALWAYS EASY TO DOCK)

5. Delta Single-Setting Rain Shower Head

Imagine taking a shower in the rain. The water dripping down your body as it comes from the sky. The fresh and comforting feeling of the drops hitting your body. Your entire body is now drenched and relaxed.

There’s no coming back from that.

You can experience almost the same thing with a rain showerhead. This Single-Setting square model from Delta makes it possible. And believe it or not, you won’t come back to typical showerheads after using.

Here’s why:


The gentle waterfall stream gives your body the perfect excuse to relax away. There’s almost no way your stress will stay after this soothing stream hits your body.

Plus, it covers your entire body. Cold day? Hit your whole body with warm water. Hot day? Cool it off at once with its rain waterfall.

Offers Tons of Versatility

You can still this showerhead in the wall or the ceiling of your bathroom. It fits 0.5-inch pipe fittings and shower arms.

Once installed, you can enjoy its pivoting showerhead so you can direct water ANYWHERE. This adds TWICE to its versatility.

Has the Simplest Setup!

Regardless of where you decide to install it, the process is as easy as you can imagine. Even an inexperienced owner will find it a no-brainer to set up. You will need no tools and will spend less than an hour doing so.

IF THAT WEREN’T ENOUGH: You can still enjoy Touch-Clean spray holes. Passing your fingers over the holes will suffice to clean them up (no need to take the showerhead apart or scrub away).

What We Liked

  • The rain-like spray feels terrific on the skin
  • Covers your entire body to save water and time
  • Doesn’t require much to install or maintain
  • Looks GREAT and fits almost anywhere

What We Didn’t Like

  • Doesn’t offer much water pressure due to its design

We know how many doubts arrive at your mind while checking Delta showerheads. The questions below may clear some those of doubts off your mind:

How much should I spend on a shower head?

Well, it all depends on your budget and WHAT EXACTLY you’re looking for.

Let’s give you two examples of possible scenarios:

  1. You have several hundred dollars to spend. And you want nothing less than the MOST FUNCTIONAL, MOST POWERFUL, and MOST BEAUTIFUL piece. In that case, don’t hold back. Spending a lot of money on a showerhead will pay dividends in the long term.
  2. You’re on a budget. But you still want quality without emptying your bank account. In this case, search with care. Make sure you’re spending less than a hundred but still getting main features like intensity and beauty. More importantly, focus on durability, so those bucks are well-stretched.

How much should you spend, then? As much as you can as long as it’s PRECISELY what you’re looking for.

What is the best shower head combo?

We can’t give this title to any other showerhead apart from the Delta 7-Spray Touch-Clean Handheld Shower Head.

It offers pretty much everything, and it’s still the most affordable on the list. A handheld showerhead that also works as a fixed piece, plus comes with a high-quality spray system.

That’s not something to dismiss.

How do I adjust the water pressure on my Delta shower head?

It depends on WHAT model you’re getting. Also, if you’re getting low water pressure, you may find different solutions to adjust the problem.

Here are some things to consider:

  • First, the obvious: valves and knobs offer the chance to adjust water flow and pressure as needed. The more open the valve/knob is the more water and the higher the pressure you’ll receive.
  • Some spray modes offer more pressure than others. For example, full-body sprays are less intense than massaging sprays.
  • The type of showerhead also matters. Fixed models come with a shorter piping system, so their water pressure tends to be higher than handheld or dual systems with hoses and other parts.
  • Check whether the showerhead comes with a flow restrictor. These are tiny pieces that some manufacturers (including Delta Faucet) often add to their showerheads to prevent pressure issues. This could be preventing you from adjusting the pressure as necessary.
  • Dirty or clogged water pipes may also affect the pressure. You’ll want to keep the showerhead clean as well as the water source (piping system). Use a filter at home to prevent mineral buildup in the pipes that could clog the system.
  • Avoid kinks and leaking hoses. While obvious, you may not adjust pressure because the system is either leaking or clogged due to a kink. Check that in case you can’t adjust.
  • Balance hot and cold water well. Some shower systems offer both cold and hot water at the same time. If you open them correctly, the system may overflow and get clogged. Make sure you balance both well and prevent a water-pressure loss.
  • Don’t use other appliances or fixtures while showering. If you’re having a problem adjusting pressure, mainly increasing it, that could be because other places are sucking away your water flow.

There are tons of ways your Delta showerhead may be adjusted. Most of the time, it’s a tiny factor you can fix with a single move. Other times it is a more severe problem. Either way, you can always fix it.

Get a Delta Showerhead TODAY!

Did you find any of our best Delta shower heads a great addition to your bathroom?


There’s enough for every need and desire, so there’s no excuse to go away empty-handed.

So, what are you waiting for? Your bathroom is ASKING FOR QUALITY.

Pick one of our choices above and you’ll be good to go.

Give Delta a chance. You won’t be disappointed!