Taking a shower is a time of relaxation. As such, many shower essentials like shampoos and conditioners are necessary. However, these often come in large bottles that have no proper place in the bathroom.

A corner shower caddy has room for all shower essentials and more. Installing it is also a breeze, and its adaptable structure fits any bathroom. You no longer have to struggle to reach shampoo bottles near the floor or too high above your head.

But choosing one of these caddies isn’t an easy task. You must consider a lot of factors, all of which you’ll learn about here.

How To Choose The Best Corner Shower Caddy

But, how exactly do you find the right corner shower caddy? In this section, you’ll learn every essential feature it must have. A caddy with all of these factors is a guarantee of excellence.


Caddies with suction cups are the most convenient. These don’t need any drilling to install, which means less work and no damage to the wall surface. Plus, you can easily detach them if necessary. This is a fantastic benefit if you move around regularly.

They work simply. Suction cups have a vacuum seal, which attaches the unit to various surfaces. Naturally, finding the right spot is a must. Without proper suction, the shower caddy won’t stick. It will inevitably fall, and with it, all of the items placed in the caddy.

Later in the article, you’ll learn how to keep that from happening.


Like every other shower appliance, the caddy must be strong enough to withstand moisture. The materials used for its construction are a clear indicator of the unit’s resistance. In that case, two materials are the most prominent to make corner shower caddies. Those are plastic and metal.

Metal Caddies

These are the most durable, and it includes stainless steel and aluminum. A shower caddy made with these materials is sturdy, resistant, and reliable. Plus, it will also look great. Metal units are definitely the go-to choice if you want a modern, contemporary touch for your bathroom.

Plastic Caddies

Less popular, but also convenient for many reasons. These come at lower prices, making them perfect for tight budgets. Additionally, caddies made with this material are lightweight. Without rough edges, these units are excellent if children are around.


The rustproof properties of a caddie heavily depend on the type of coating used. Of course, a plastic caddie won’t have to face this issue during its lifespan. It isn’t the same for metal shower caddies. Steel or anodized aluminum finishes need regular maintenance to remove rust.

But, there’s also a method you can follow to prevent rust before it happens. This article covers all of that, so make sure you don’t miss it.


The shape and size of the unit influence its capacity. But, it isn’t as easy as picking a super large caddy. In fact, it’s super important to consider the size of the shower first. This will allow you to choose a corner shower caddy that fits perfectly.

Then, the next thing to consider is the number of people in the household. For one person, a small one-tier caddy should be enough. Four or more people would need a larger unit instead.

Shower caddies have either shelves or compartments for your shower products. The unit may also have smaller rooms for tubes or soaps. A corner shower caddy with plenty of storage options will let you organize the products properly.


Sometimes, that fantastic shampoo bottle you always wanted doesn’t fit in the caddy. For those cases, having an adjustable unit comes in to save the day. Corner shower caddies may have adjustable shelves that slide up or down. You can customize it as much as needed to organize every product, small or large.

Adjustable feet are also a must-have. These adapt to any surface, so it’s easier to set the caddy in most bathrooms.


A shower caddy is more than a few shelves. It must have a sturdy spine, storage hooks, and stable feet. Combined together, all of these parts create a reliable corner shower caddy.

Additional Features

  • Adjustable Pole. A structure with an adjustable pole can adapt to different heights. This will allow you to accommodate the whole unit in your shower.
  • Pole Thickness. Not too thick, but not super thin either. Ideally, a pole with 1 inch of thickness is perfect. These don’t stick out too much, but they’re thick enough to put up with weight.
  • Hooks. These are essential tools for our showers, but finding a place for them is often tricky. Luckily, corner shower caddies have hooks to hang them.
  • Bottom Holes. Shelves with holes at the bottom will let water drain. This reduces the risks of stagnant water. Thus, there’s no bacteria growth.
  • ToolFree. A unit that doesn’t need extra tools is super convenient. The installation is faster, and you get to save a couple of bucks.
  • User Manual. Need assistance? Proper instructions should guide you through every step. Not all units come with detailed guidelines, so consider this factor as well.

How do I Prevent my Shower Caddy from Rusting?

A shower caddy with rust damage can impact the shower decoration significantly. This is often an issue that may seem almost inevitable. Luckily, it is not. With proper care, your caddy can remain a good-looking shower corner shelf for years. As people say, prevention is better than cure.

Here, you’ll learn how to keep the shower caddy from rusting.

So, the whole process is relatively easy but needs patience. You’ll need a rust-removing product, nail polish, waterproof wax, and a clean cloth. Plus, get a piece of steel wool or aluminum foil.

Now, let’s get to work!

  • Prepare the caddy. Remove all of the items over it, and put them aside. Make enough room to move freely.
  • Using the steel wool with the solution, proceed to scrub all the possible damaged areas. Don’t apply too much pressure. Instead, do it gently. Also, lift the steel wool while doing each rub.
  • Avoid making back and forward motions. This may cause damage to the coating.
  • Rinse, and repeat the process. Continue doing this until all the rust has come off. Then, let the unit dry thoroughly.
  • Caddies with plenty of curves and joints may rust regularly. To prevent this from happening, you can use clear nail polish.
  • Apply the nail polish on those areas after cleaning the rust. This simple but effective product will protect the structure.
  • Periodically, take the time to polish the caddy. You can do it with either waterproof wax or baby oil and a clean cloth. This process will seal the unit. Thus, rust will be less common.

Want the ultimate solution? Get anti-rust paint and paint the whole caddy. This will for sure enhance the durability of the unit.

7 Best Corner Shower Caddies Reviews in 2021

Not every shower corner caddy does the trick. Because of that, this list only includes the top seven picks to buy. These units have been tested thoroughly, and the results surpassed expectations. Be confident that either of these appliances will be incredible allies during your showers.

1. simplehuman BT1064 Corner Shower Caddy

With durable materials and adjustable parts, this shower caddy has no match. It can adapt to any bathroom to make the most out of your shower. It has a lot of space and weight capacity, so there’s room for all of your essentials.

Why We Love it

Sturdy Build

With a reinforced aluminum pole, the support offered is terrific. There’s no need to worry about weight, as the unit puts up with a lot. The weight distribution is top-notch, and the base helps a lot here too.

But, the high resistance is the biggest benefit of this appliance. The stainless steel construction keeps the structure safe from the elements. After a long exposition to humid areas, the caddy holds its finish.

Perfect Adjustability

Forget about not having enough room for your shower essentials. This caddy has plenty of adjustable features that you can use for your convenience. For instance, the adjustable shelves. These can slide up or down, offering as much space as needed for all products. Without a doubt, the best corner shelf for shower.

Then, there’s the adjustable base. The base of this unit is simply incredible. It can adapt to any surface, which is perfect for uneven showers.

Storage Hooks

Besides bottles, the caddy can also hold razors, loofah, toothbrushes, and more. You can put these smaller essentials in the storage hooks. There, it’s super easy to access them.

Keep In Mind

This caddy is near perfect, but its design isn’t that good-looking. Out of all of the options considered, this is among the least attractive. Luckily, this is just a matter of preferences. And, its functionality is far more important than just looks.

2. ADOVEL 4-Layer Corner Shower Caddy

While looking for the best shower corner shelf, this is a unit you can’t miss. Perfect in every way, this shower caddy offers convenience and reliability. Plus, the impeccable design of each part reduces potential risks caused by moisture. That means no rust, no bacteria, and no corrosion.

Better yet, this caddy looks incredible! It’s simple yet quite impressive. For that and the reasons below, this appliance quickly becomes a worthy acquisition.

Why We Love It

Beautiful Design

If you want to add a new layer of fresh air to the shower, this is the appliance for that. The caddy has a gorgeous design that brings elegance to the bathroom. Also, the minimalistic design of the shower corner shelf allows it to blend with the decoration seamlessly. Only the shelves are visible after putting some shower products over the structure.

Clean & Safe

This unit looks great, and there’s no need to worry about its looks regularly. Every part, from the two poles to the four removable trays, is super resistant. Since they don’t accumulate water, bacteria growth is not a concern.

Easy to Install

Installing this unit takes almost no time nor effort. It takes only a few minutes, and there’s no need for wrenches or tools. Plus, there’s an educational manual included with detailed guidelines. If necessary, the company also sends a video for guidance.

All of that amounts to a hassle-free installation. So, even less-experienced users can get the job done. It’s perfect for everyone and every household.

Keep In Mind

Installing the trays can be a bit troublesome. It often takes some time to get them to snap in properly. Fortunately, doing this step shouldn’t take long. It’s tricky but not impossible.

3. ALLZONE 76020 Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy

Who said plastic doesn’t mean quality? This shower caddy is a clear exception to that saying. Featuring plastic shelves, this unit is long-lasting and functional. Additionally, these plastic shelves have small holes to let the water run properly. Without rust as a common concern, this is the best shower tension pole caddy.

Why We Love It

Four Adjustable Poles

If you struggle with other corner caddies for space, this is the solution for that. The Allzone shower caddy has four stainless steel poles for ultimate customization. Depending on your needs, it can adapt from 4.5 to 9 feet of height. Doing this is pretty easy, as there’s no need for drilling or cutting anything. Instead, all you have to do is attach or detach the poles.


The poles are also super strong. They have a 1-inch of diameter thickness, which is sturdy and resistant. Additionally, the poles have a firm tension spring set included. This guarantees the whole structure stays in place. When installed correctly, there’s no way this corner shower caddy will fall.

Heavy-Duty Shelves

Other high-quality parts of this caddy are the shelves. These are durable and can hold a decent amount of weight. Also, their size is good enough to fit several items at once. So much so that you could fit two or three large products and up to six small bottles. With this unit, you’ll have more than enough room for your essentials.

The shelves are also resistant. Even if the bottles leak substances or water sprays over them, they last long. Besides, rust is out of the picture since everything is plastic.

Keep In Mind

The plastic build is good, but it isn’t the high-end look that most people would want. This is something worth considering before purchasing.

4. GeekDigg 2-Pack Corner Shower Caddy

Available in matte black and silver finishes, this shower caddy adds style to modern showers. The material used to create it is aluminum, which provides many benefits. One of which is an anti-rust surface that it’s also easy to clean. Also, the unique hollow bottom design allows water to flow through and not remain stagnant.

The result? A luxurious corner shower caddy that improves the look of the shower significantly.

Why We Love It

Two Installation Methods

This appliance offers some variety when it comes to its installation. There are two methods you can follow, both of which would fit specific bathrooms and conditions.

First, you can install it using the adhesive sealant included. This is pretty easy to do, and it won’t hurt the finish of the wall.

Secondly, you could install it following the traditional way. This includes drilling and screws, so it isn’t ideal for everyone. Plus, you must be willing to commit to the process and work on the wall, too.

A Strong Structure

It’s easy to assume that the adhesive sealant won’t work, but it does. In fact, both installation methods secure the caddy in place. As a result, the structure puts up with up to 10 pounds of weight. This is more than enough for the average number of shower products used.

A Convenient Design

The structure design of this unit is another highlight. An excellent example of this is the holder, which is movable. Perfect for holding shavers or towels, you can adapt this holder at an easy-to-reach location.

Keep In Mind

Putting items over the aluminum can cause rattling noises. A good solution to this issue is adding silicone bead along the joining edges. This should stop the structure from making these sounds.

5. SeiriOne Tension Corner Shower Pole Caddy

This shower caddy has an impressive combination of a solid build with an appealing design. The mix of these two factors results in a resistant and robust structure for years to come. Even after a lengthy exposition to humidity, the corner shower caddy looks good as new.

Why We Love It

Open Shelves

The shelves of the caddy have open sidewalls, which are perfect for a lot of reasons. First, these will keep the bottles in place. You can even reach them with ease without worrying they may fall. Such a design guarantees your shower essentials are safe.

Another reason to love these shelves is that water won’t get stuck. It can drain from either the sides or the bottom, both of which have openings. This has a positive impact on the durability of the structure.

Large Capacity

The size of the shelves offers plenty of space for different-sized bottles. In total, you should have enough room for three to six bottles. Of course, this depends on their size.

Also, there are four shelves included. This is still a ton of space for households of four to six people.

Oil-Bronze Finish

The stainless steel construction is terrific due to its resistant qualities. This helps protect the beautiful oil-bronze finish, which quickly stands out in the shower. With little maintenance now and then, the finish of this unit remains in perfect condition.

Keep In Mind

The structure allows you to hang shavers and towels, but there are no proper hooks or holders included. This could make it hard to get these items quickly, as you could pull the whole shelve inadvertently.

6. BAOYOUNI 4-Tier Bathroom Corner Shower Caddy

Stainless steel corner shower caddies are something to behold. Put them in any bathroom, and the decoration will look ten times better. It provides a shiny, modern structure that fits well in any shower. Also, the caddy has a large size to fit a variety of shower essentials.

Need a shower caddy that reaches the height of the ceiling? Then look no further. Here’s the one for you.

Why We Love It

A Fantastic Pole

The pole of this unit is rustproof but also expandable. Adjusting it is easy, and you can extend it as much as needed for a snug fit. On the pole, the trays mount with ease. Putting several items over them won’t be a problem either, as the pole can hold the weight. Overall, it’s a sturdy pole that lets you organize all of your items.

Size Variety

This shower caddy comes in more than one size. For example, you can get one with either three or four shelves included. Of course, choosing one of the two depends on the size of the shower. But, the options are there. You can pick the one that fits better in your shower and set it up without complications.

 Adjustable Trays

Whether it’s three or four trays, you can still customize them as you wish. The adjustable trays are repositionable everywhere across the pole. These have rubber rings that are also adjustable. By adjusting their height, the trays can accommodate bottles of various sizes.

Keep In Mind

Holding this unit together is a piece of thin rubber bands. Suffice to say that this is not the most appropriate way to hold the caddy. You can either use another type of rubber band or use suction cups. Either way, this is an extra expense.

7. Tenby Living COMIN18JU000288 Corner Shower Caddy

With an impeccable white design, this shower caddy integrates into the shower decoration with ease. The material used for its build is plastic, delivering a durable and lightweight structure. Add to the mix three awesome shelves, and you get a ton of space for your shower items.

Another cool feature of this unit is that it’s small. This allows it to work as a corner shower caddy over the bathtub.

These are the other reasons to love this unit.

Why We Love It

Plastic Quality

Most people don’t like plastic, and that’s understandable. But, this unit does use the material wisely. The plastic construction of this shower caddy resists wear and tear. Additionally, the whole structure can resist the weight of several bottles. So, it’s a durable unit to hold your shampoos, soap, and other essentials.

The holes at the bottom of the three shelves are also fantastic. These help drain water, which keeps the unit looking good. Stagnant water can lead to health issues, but that shouldn’t worry you at all with this caddy.

No-Wobble Base

The adjustable feet of this unit guarantees a solid base. After setting it up, the whole structure remains unmoved. There’s no shaking, wobbling, or rocking that could cause the bottles to fall.

Extra Spacers

The shower caddy also comes with a few spacers included. These are super useful, especially for customizing the caddy. After attaching them, the height of the structure goes from 24.21 to 28.15 inches. While it may not be necessary, it’s still convenient to fit larger bottles. It all depends on the amount and size of the products you use regularly.

Keep In Mind

This unit could be so much better with suction cups added. These could improve the stability of the unity by securing the base even more. A minor yet noticeable flaw in its design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you keep a corner shower caddy from falling down?

A quick fix to this issue would be using a rubber band. Tie it around the pipe with a couple of twists. While doing so, leave the rubber band a bit loose. This trick will keep it from breaking.

Of course, using a rubber band may not be ideal for everyone. If you want more reliable options, there is another method you can try.

For example, you could try using a hose clamp. This is an inexpensive, quick, and reliable solution. Plus, you may not even have to disassemble everything.

How do you stick suction in a shower caddy?

  • Wipe the wall surface and suction cup using white vinegar or rubbing alcohol.
  • Afterward, use rubbing alcohol to leave the surface perfectly clean. Dry thoroughly later.
  • For this step, you’ll need warm water. You’ll be using it to rinse the interior layer of the suction cup. Once you finish, get rid of the excess water.
  • Grab the suction cup firmly, and put it in the desired spot. Make sure there’s no air bubble between the cup and the wall.
  • Let the suction cup rest for some hours. Some recommend leaving it untouched for 24 hours before adding weight.

How can I remove rust from my shower caddy?

There are several methods you can follow to do this. The most common is using white vinegar. Here’s how you do it.

  • Remove the caddy from its installation point. This may be out of the corner or from the showerhead. Continue by wiping the rust areas of the structure.
  • If the caddy is small, add 1 cup of white vinegar in a container large enough to fit it. Make sure all the rusted areas are deep in the white vinegar.
  • Grab a nylon scrubber, and work on the rust areas. Add vinegar and baking soda until all rust comes off.
  • Put the caddy in warm water, and rinse it entirely. Use a clean towel to wipe it.
  • Use a wet sponge with car wax and wipe the entire unit. Afterward, let the wax rest over the structure for about 20 minutes. This time should be enough for it to dry.
  • With a lint-free cloth, wipe the caddy and remove the wax. Behind should be a shiny, new-like caddy.

Other possible solutions are using baking soda or a mix of salt with lemon juice. These are super effective for removing light rust from the shower caddy. Lastly, products like Brasso should also get the job done. Nonetheless, with many home-made solutions, this should be your last resource.

Are shower caddies bad for your shower head?

Shower caddies are super useful, but they can be a problem if you don’t use them correctly. Though, this mainly depends on the type of caddy you’re using. For example, a corner caddy shouldn’t be of any concern. This one won’t create problems for your shower.

But, those caddies that mount over the shower head can be troublesome. The weight of these units can weigh down the shower head. More so if there are many shampoos, soap, cloths, and other items in it. Adding too much weight will inevitably cause leaks. Worst case scenario, the shower head may come off entirely.

If you go for a caddy that attaches over the shower head, make sure it has suction cups. The shower should work for stabilization, not as a weight-bearing unit.


The corner shower caddy lets you access your shampoo, shavers, conditioners, and more with ease. Additionally, these structures look amazing. These two benefits make it a fantastic appliance that improves the showering experience.

After learning more about it, you’re now ready to pick your best corner shower caddy. Consider elements like the wall surface, which structure will fit better, and choose wisely. Once you install it, you’ll find out just how easy it’s to organize the shower essentials.