It’s staggering how two of the most critical parts of the body often go unattended. This refers, of course, to the feet. Not caring for them leads to dead skin and calluses, which could turn into a problem later on. That’s why taking good care of the feet is a must.

And there’s no better way to do that than using the best shower foot scrubber.

You can say goodbye to common foot protuberances. This fantastic tool removes dead skin quickly, leaving soft and smooth skin that feels terrific. Besides, the foot scrubber helps with increased blood circulation. It’s an all-around product that offers comfort, better hygiene, and improved health.

There’s a lot to cover about foot scrubbers. So, let’s start with how they work.

How Does a Shower Foot Scrubber Work?

The way how a foot scrubber works depends on the type. They can have either bristles or pumice stones, both of which work perfectly. These require nothing more than up and down motions to get rid of dead skin, calluses, and other impurities.

There are also electric foot scrubbers, which work a bit differently. They need charging, and you only have to direct the roller head once active. Plus, these scrubbers also have adjustable settings for different speeds.

 Though simple, the foot scrubber provides magnificent benefits. It’s a fantastic tool that becomes a terrific shower ally quickly.

Types of Foot Scrubbers

Variety is something you won’t miss while searching for foot scrubbers. They come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. So, it’s ultimately your decision to pick the one that suits you the most.

These are the different types of foot scrubbers to consider buying.


Featuring hundreds of bristles, this is among the most popular foot scrubbers. These have a handheld design or a long stick with a handle for optimal control. Thus, they’re perfect for seniors and people that struggle bending to reach their feet.


This type of foot scrubber is the easiest to use, as it barely needs any effort. Put it on an even surface, and the suction cups will keep it stuck there. Scrubbing mats are also efficient. Some have soft inner bristles and stiffer outer bristles. Whether you want a tender massage or a complete cleaning to remove dead skin, this foot scrubber does both.

Foot File

Using a foot file is the quickest way to remove calluses and dead skin. That’s why this type of foot scrubber is the go-to choice for many. Besides, the results are noticeable in no time. Soon after leaving the shower, the feet already feel softer and smoother.


These units reduce the effort needed to care for your feet properly. They’re rechargeable and often offer different working speeds. Consider getting an electric foot scrubber to remove stubborn calluses that won’t come off any other way.


These require you to sit down to work on your feet. Though less popular, they’re still helpful for thorough cleaning. With a handheld foot scrubber, you can put special attention on specific areas that need more work.

Pumice Stone

Created via a mix of water and lava, these are abrasive stones used for foot care through decades. This stone takes care of dead cells, dry skin, and calluses.

Benefits of Using a Foot Scrubber

A foot scrubber isn’t just a fancy tool. If used correctly, it can provide a ton of benefits to make your life better. From foot cleaning to improved circulation, the reasons to use it are many.

Feet Cleansing

 The main benefit of using a foot scrubber is that it improves foot health. To do that, these accessories provide a thorough cleaning. All sides of the foot get cleaned, including the parts between the toes. Having a shower foot scrubber is the perfect way to come out of the bath feeling rejuvenated.

Softer Skin

Feel like your feet doesn’t feel as soft as it once did? That’s probably because of dead skin buildups and calluses. But getting rid of those issues to enjoy smoother skin is as easy as using a foot scrubber.

A Relaxing Massage

Of course, you could also use the foot scrubber only to enjoy how it feels. The bristles are super comfy, as they deliver a spa-like experience at home.

Better Blood Circulation

Besides keeping the feet clean, the foot scrubber increases blood circulation. It’s a fantastic method to relieve pains often felt in those areas.

Good for Everyone

A foot scrubber is an ideal tool for everyone, regardless of age and health condition. By using this tool, you no longer have to bend over to reach the foot. This means the risks of having back pains are pretty low.

How to Choose the Right Shower Foot Scrubber

Before picking any foot scrubber, you must be sure it is the right one. But how do you know that? It’s pretty simple. To find the best shower foot scrubber, it’s essential to understand what makes them good. Here are a few factors to consider:

Sturdy Material

The material used to create the foot scrubber is essential for a quality product. Since there are many types of foot scrubbers, there are many factors to keep in mind. Let’s take a look.

  • First off, you want to have sturdy bristles. These will help you remove dead skin, calluses, and impurities easier. Firm/Soft bristles are super crucial for brush, mat, handheld, and electric foot scrubbers. Keep this information in mind before picking any of these.
  • For mat foot scrubbers, an adhesive material is also a must. These could be suction cups, which allow the scrubber to stick in place.
  • The foot file must have a gritty material to improve its exfoliation properties. Two examples of materials used to create foot files are metal and emery.
  • If you go for an electric foot scrubber, make sure it’s waterproof. You also want it to be resistant to withstand possible drops.

Those are only a few considerations to have about the foot scrubber materials. Before buying, make sure to find high-quality and sturdy accessories that will last longer.

Bristle Count

The number of bristles has a significant impact on the quality of the foot scrubber. Besides feeling better, more bristles naturally mean better scrubbing.

But how many bristles are enough?

Each foot scrubber is different, so their bristle count also varies. However, a decent average amount would be 700 bristles. Anything within that range and up can do a fantastic job on your feet.

  • Besides the number of bristles, consider their firmness as well. Ideally, you want soft and stiff bristles to tackle different tasks. Soft bristles are more gentle and perfect for massages. Stiffer bristles are excellent for working harder on calluses and removing dead skin.

Ease of Use

While most foot scrubbers are easy to use, not all of them are convenient. If you don’t want to struggle to reach your feet, consider a product with a long handle. These will allow you to reach every area for a complete cleaning without adopting awkward positions.

Safety for the Skin

The hygienic properties of a foot scrubber are among its biggest benefits. When used right, these tools can improve blood circulation and relieve pain. This is why everyone could use a foot scrubber.

More so, the foot scrubber is a must for people with limited mobility. They’ll be able to enjoy a satisfying shower without the pain of bending over to clean their feet.


The durability of any product depends a lot on two things. First, you want it to have a solid construction with high moisture resistance. Additionally, the foot scrubber must be easy to maintain.

Fortunately, all of the products reviewed here are durable. This is because they’re super easy to clean, needing just a quick rinse.

How To Use A Shower Foot Scrubber?

Though foot scrubbers vary in shape, the way you use them is pretty similar. All you have to do is use them to scrub the feet by making a back and forth motion. Still, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

  • While using mat foot scrubbers, find an even surface for it. Then, make sure the suction cups stick to the ground properly. This will allow you to make left-to-right motions without slipping.
  • If you use an electric scrubber, adjust its settings first. These devices may have different speeds or roller heads that could be suitable for specific circumstances. Also, check the accessory has enough charge.
  • Brush foot scrubbers work like any other brush. But, you may want to add soap or oils before scrubbing.

7 Best Shower Foot Scrubbers Reviews in 2021

Don’t look anywhere else to find the perfect foot scrubber. In this list, you’ll find the ones that met and surpassed expectations. These accessories are as practical as they are comfortable, making the shower feel super satisfying.

1. The FootMate System Foot Massager & Scrubber

This foot scrubber is a complete unit worth every penny. Besides helping you clean your feet, it also allows you to treat them properly. That’s only possible due to its ergonomic design, which provides a massage-like experience. As a result, you get to care for every area of the foot.

These are the reasons why this system shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Why We Love It

Contoured Brush Design

This accessory has a fantastic countered design for more comfort. As you use it, the foot remains in a steady and comfortable position throughout. Add to that super-soft inner bristles, and it feels like a satisfying massage experience. Such a pleasant feeling is noticeable in the tender areas of the foot.

Additionally, the rough and dry skin areas also get treatment. The scrubber has stiff bristles on the outside to help smooth those areas. This makes it an all-around product that doesn’t leave anything uncovered.

Perfect Balance

When other foot scrubbers posed a challenge, this one makes everything easier. For example, this product comes with suction cups to remain in place ideally. This allows you to use it properly without losing your balance.

There are also the footpads, which are visible on the sides. In case the suction cups fail, these footpads and the anti-skid design will keep the unit in place.

Good for All

This product is the best foot scrubber because everyone benefits from it. Not only adults, but children and the elderly can use it as well. But most importantly, it’s a user-friendly accessory for those that need better blood flow stimulation. Using this scrubber regularly helps to keep circulation issues low. Out of the top of the head, that makes it ideal for diabetic foot care.

Keep In Mind

Over specific surfaces, the suction may not be optimal. This could cause the foot scrubber to move, and that could be dangerous.

The way to deal with this is by using the other foot to press it. Doing this shouldn’t have to be necessary, but it works as an extra safety measure. Besides, it doesn’t take much effort to do it.

2. Avivo Shower Sandal Footscrubber

With one size that fits all, this foot scrubber appeals to everyone. It’s a super comfy and convenient accessory that removes the need to bend over. Use it to clean both feet, and no area will remain unclean. Once you finish, the drainage slots on the sole improve air drying. That means that the foot scrubber will be ready to use again in no time.

All of that makes the Avivo Shower Sandal a user-friendly product. Here’s everything else you should know about it.

Why We Love It

A Convenient Design

There’s no other word that describes this product better than convenience. With a sandal-like design, it fits the foot perfectly. This also makes it super easy to use. You can use it to scrub one foot at a time, and it’ll do the job while feeling comfortable. If you’re standing up, the suction cups found on the sole will give you the balance and stability needed.

Alternatively, you could use it while sitting down or with support from a bar.

Thorough Cleaning

Everything from the bristles to the inner strap has cleaning properties. This allows the whole foot scrubber to clean the foot thoroughly. The top, bottom, sides, and heel; every area gets covered. Even better, the sensation felt while using this accessory is pleasant. It’s the perfect tool to enjoy a soothing shower after a long day of work.

Dishwasher/Machine Washable

Keeping the foot scrubber in good shape is a must. Luckily, this one makes the process easier. You won’t have to do anything by hand. If you want, you could wash it in either the dishwasher or in the washing machine. In both cases, the foot scrubber’s integrity will put up with those processes. When it comes out, it will look just as new.

Keep In Mind

Despite their fantastic quality, the bristles could use a bit more stiffness. This would allow them to reach areas like between the toes with more ease. Doing that is still possible, but it does take some time and slightly more effort.

3. Amope Pedi Perfect Wet & Dry Foot File

Featuring a roller head, this device buffs hard skin away in just seconds. It also comes with two heads to adapt to any circumstances. For example, the Regular Coarse roller head is excellent for light-hard skin removal.

If you want more toughness, then the Ultra Coarse with Diamonds is the way to go. Both of these come included in the purchase, allowing you to get creative as you care for your feet.

Why We Love It

Softness On-Demand

Putting it simply, this product is the best foot scrubber for dead skin. It offers a gentle yet effective touch that treats dry and hard calloused skin with ease.

Within minutes, this device turns a once cracked heel into a silky and smooth area. The results are visible as soon as you finish using it for the first time, so you won’t have to spend days scrubbing.

Two Speeds

Unlike other foot scrubbers, this one is a bit more flexible. This allows it to adapt to every skin, especially for people that need a soft scrubber. To do that, the unit has a dual-speed system that will enable you to adjust the scrubber to your needs.

Changing between the two speeds is easy, and they both work consistently. Once you set it to your preferred setting, it’ll continue to work at that speed without downtime.


Considering this is an automatic tool, keeping it fully charged is essential. The good news is that the device comes with a charging station and a user-friendly interface. This makes the charging process as easy as charging a phone. Connect the USB cable and then plug it into a socket. When it finishes, a green light will come up to let you know it’s ready.

Keep In Mind

While using this foot file, it’s important to not let it stay on a single spot for too long. If you do, it can get hot pretty fast.

4. McNaughton Soapy Soles Foot Scrubbing Pad & Massager

Simple, compact, and super effective. With 1500 massaging “fingers,” this foot scrubber is a spa-worthy accessory. Plus, the soles guarantee soap retention for a complete, smooth, and pleasant experience.

Overall, this is a unique shower item to care for neglected feet. After finishing the shower, the sole of your feet will feel super soft and rejuvenated.

Why We Love It

Foot-Shaped Pad

This product has a terrific foot-shaped design to fit correctly. From heels to the tip of your toe, the entire foot has coverage. As a result, everyone gets to enjoy it throughout. That includes athletes, seniors, soon-to-be mothers, and more.

Even better, this shape allows the pad to provide a massage-like experience. Had a rough day at work? Then this is the perfect accessory to help your feet relax during the shower.

Soap Retention

Whether you use soap or other cleaning products, the pad holds it decently. This allows you to get soapy, bubbly feet and remove dead skin effortlessly. Additionally, the bristles make it easy to scrub your foot as you apply the oils.


Made with polyvinyl, this pad has a convenient amount of flexibility. Once it gets soapy, you can bend the front or backside to reach tricky areas. For example, by bending the front side, you’ll allow the bristles to have access between the toes.

On the other side, the pad can provide thorough cleaning to the back of your ankles.

Keep In Mind

This product doesn’t have a proper way to keep it in a convenient place. For instance, the lack of a hole to stick it on a hook is a bummer. Even a string to hang it would’ve been nice.

5. New Product Solutions TOE094 Miracle Foot Brush with Pumice Stone

Forget about bending or sitting down to scrub your feet. With a 30-inch extra-long stick, this accessory lets you do that while standing up. This is convenient for many reasons. For instance, your stability and balance won’t be in danger. Simply stand still, and use the solid handle to control the bristles and reach every area.

Is the stick too long for comfort? Say no more. With a simple push of a button, the foot scrubber detaches at the middle. This will make it easier to handle if you want to focus on specific areas.

These are the other reasons to love this terrific accessory.

Why We Love It

Bristles & Pumice Stone

There are two ways to use this accessory. First, by putting the 700 bristles to good use. In this case, the handle and ergonomic design allow you to accommodate the position of the strands. As a result, you can scrub the front, low, or backside of the foot with ease.

Second, the scrubber has a pumice stone. While the bristles are gentle, the pumice stone brings a more rigid surface for dry skin.

30-Inch Stick

Having trouble reaching the sole of your feet? Don’t worry. Here’s the ultimate foot scrubber if you don’t want to put yourself in awkward positions anymore. This accessory has a 30-inch stick that ends in a comfy foot scrubber brush with over 700 bristles! Without a doubt, this is the go-to choice for seniors and people with limited mobility.

Non-Slip Handle

To get a proper hold of this accessory, the handle is non-slip and has an ergonomic design. This feature is super helpful in the shower. Even if your hands are wet, you can still control the foot scrubber properly. Plus, the material used to create the handle is mold resistant.

That means you can use it under prolonged exposure to water and not worry about damage.

Keep In Mind

Small Pumice

Though excellent, the pumice stone is a bit too small. Due to its size, it can fall off the scrubber regularly.

6. LOVE LORI Shower Foot Massager Scrubber

Using this foot scrubber is a double-edged sword. For one, it’s a super comfy product that feels heavenly and cleans the foot quickly. The downside is that you won’t want to step out of the shower. It’s that good.

Why We Love It

Flexible, Gentle Bristles

Speaking of the bristles, they’re also worth highlighting. Regardless of the scrubbing direction, the bristles reach every area of the feet. Thus, they perform a thorough cleaning to purify dead skin and leave no calluses behind.

Good Shape

An outstanding feature of this foot scrubber is its width. Large enough to fit both feet, you won’t have any issue scrubbing them simultaneously. Even then, you still have a bit of space to move. It allows you to make side-to-side motions without going off the foot scrubber.

No Foot Odor

Smelly feet can happen to anyone. Luckily, getting rid of the odor was never as easy as it is now. By combining quality bristles with cleaning products, the smell is no longer a concern. Even better, the scrubber holds products like tea tree oil to scrub the feet as much as needed. Considering how comfortable the bristles are, you could use them to enjoy a satisfying massage as well.

Keep In Mind

While the foot scrubber fits both feet, it does so just barely. It’s pretty easy to go off the limits. Plus, people with large feet may have to scrub one at a time.

7. BEZOX Glass Foot File Callus Remover

A handheld foot scrubber like this one is excellent for intensive foot care. With durable construction, it can put out with regular abuse just fine. This allows you to apply as much pressure as necessary for complete cleaning.

Just as it works for the bottom of the feet, this product takes care of the ankles and upper sides.

Feel like your feet could use a refurbishment? Then look no further.

Why We Love It

Hand-Sized Design

This foot scrubber is easy to use due to its hand-sized design. It fits the hand perfectly, with the slightly curved shape securing a firm grip. While holding it, the dual-sided construction feels comfortable on both sides. On your hand, you feel a pleasant smooth glass gel sensation. As for your feet, the fine convex surface will provide a thorough cleaning.

Super Tough Construction

Created with tempered glass, this foot scrubber is a long-lasting tool. The tempering technique used to produce it also makes it resistant. As a result, you can put this item to the most intensive use, and it’ll hold its ground. Considering the price, few other options are as good as this one.


Other than the glass foot file, there’s also a metal model available. Both proved to be super effective after many tests. Furthermore, they’re just as easy to maintain. All they need is a quick rinse under running water, and that’s about it. All the soap will come out to prepare the foot scrubber for its next use.

The most significant differences between the two are the material and style. One is lighter, while the other has darker tones.

Keep In Mind

Since this is a handheld foot scrubber, you’ll have to put in more work to get the feet clean thoroughly. It’s perhaps the most noticeable disadvantage of going with this product.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should you use a foot scrub?

The answer to this question depends on how much the feet need it. For instance, severely cracked or callused feet may need it once or twice a week. Using the foot scrubber this way will prevent excessive dead skin buildups.

For moderate dry feet, once every two weeks should be enough.

Why should you exfoliate your feet?

Exfoliation is an integral part of foot care. While doing it, you’re removing dead skin that could cause other issues. As a result, you’ll be preventing the appearance of ugly calluses, clogged pores, and more.

Is it wrong to have dead skin on your feet?

Dead skin is a regular occurrence in the human body. For the most part, it shouldn’t be a cause of concern. You can remove it at home using any of the products reviewed here. However, an excessive amount of dead skin could quickly turn into a significant issue. If this happens, consulting a podiatrist is the way to go.

Alternatively, you could use a foot scrubber to keep the situation from going that far.

Prevention is better than cure, so do yourself a favor and grab a foot scrubber.

How do I get rid of thick dead skin on my feet?

The first method would be to use a foot scrubber, of course. While purchasing, make sure it has all the features mentioned before. This will make it a super effective tool to remove dead skin.

Using the foot scrub is quite simple. Apply it to the foot area, and rub it gently. Afterward, rinse thoroughly using warm water.

The other option is to use a pumice stone. These are perfect for dead skin and callouses removal. In this list, there’s a foot scrubber that also has one of these stones. Consider purchasing this one if you feel like your feet could use both methods.


Cleaning your feet is an essential part of hygiene. However, it doesn’t have to be a struggle like in the old days. With a shower foot scrubber, you can do it with total comfort.

This is it for the best shower foot scrubber reviews. Now that you know the wonder that is this tool, having one may be a good idea. Consider the different options, and pick one that suits your needs. Trust us when we tell you that this accessory is a game-changer.