Skincare is a task that needs patience, dedication, and the right products. That doesn’t only include lotions but also accessories to leave the skin shiny and rejuvenated. One of those tools is the shower back scrubber, an item that no shower should miss.

The term back scrubber doesn’t limit the use of this accessory. It’s so efficient at cleansing skin that the whole body benefits from it. Plus, you can even use it to reach the trickiest areas. Struggled with reaching the upper side of your back or your feet before? No worries. The best shower back scrubbers do that and more.

Here, we’ll show you some of the best models to consider. Check them out!

Types of Back Scrubber

Back scrubbers come in many shapes and sizes. Which one to pick depends entirely on the user’s preference, so it’s your choice. In this section, you’ll learn the most common types out there. This will help you find their benefits and why it would be a good idea to buy them.

Long Handle Scrubber

Designed for back scrubbing, there’s no area this accessory can’t reach. The handle often has a plastic or wood build that secures a firm grip. As such, you can use it for a complete shower experience. This is one of the most common types of back scrubbers. People also call it a back brush shower item.


This is the all-time mesh loofah found in most bathrooms. It’s super handy and effective as a back scrubber. Plus, it’s a hand-held cleaning accessory that reaches all areas.

Loofah with Handle

The loofah is a large accessory often made of mesh or microfiber. Usually, these have one soft and one textured side. On each end, it has two handles to get a hold of it. Thus, you must put it around your back and move it side to side.

Loofah Sponge with Handle Brush

Somewhat a combination of the other two. These have a loofah sponge on a brush handle, providing the best of both worlds. This accessory is simple, easy to use, and super effective.

Hand-Held Body Brush

Think about the long handle body brush minus the long handle. That’s precisely what this accessory is. A fantastic benefit of this item is that it fits on the hand with ease. As a result, you can use it to scrub not only your back but all of the body.

Electric Back Scrubber

The preferred pick for those that just want to relax in the shower. This scrubber works automatically, meaning no effort is necessary. It offers an entirely hassle-free experience to enjoy a satisfying shower. Of course, the biggest disadvantage of electric scrubbers is that they’re more expensive.

Benefits of Using a Back Scrubber in the Shower

A back scrubber is more than a cleaning tool. If used correctly, this simple accessory can improve your health significantly. These are some of the benefits to expect while using it.

Removes Dirt

The primary purpose of a back scrubber is to come out of the shower perfectly clean. For that purpose, there’s no other tool that works better. You’ll have to opportunity to reach every spot and area of the body with ease.

Gets Rid of Dead Cells

The back scrubber is an excellent accessory for exfoliating. Using it helps remove dead skin accumulated on the body. Thus, the skin looks cleaner and clear.

Massages the Skin

Depending on the model, the back scrubber may have soft massaging nodes. These are excellent to help relax stiff muscles. Other than keeping you clean, these accessories make you feel better.

Improves Circulation

Since the back scrubber is also an exfoliating accessory, blood circulation gets an improvement. Another health benefit is that this item can relieve toxins for better health.

Idea for Anyone

Everyone can enjoy a pleasant time using a back scrubber. You can choose between long-handle, hand-held, and more back scrubbers.

It’s Affordable

Back scrubbers are very inexpensive. Naturally, some options cost a little bit more depending on their quality. But, you still won’t have to pay a lot of money for them.

Things to Consider When Buying Back Scrubber

Before investing your money, know which one to pick. This section covers the most critical features of a back scrubber. Consider all of this information to get the ideal pick.

Handle Length

The length of the handle determines the reach of the back scrubber. This feature can vary, meaning it’s up to you to pick the most suitable. But, an excellent handle size is 17 inches. A back scrubber this large is perfect for reaching areas like the back and the soles of your feet. Hence, you won’t have to bend over in an awkward position to access those spots.

Wet or Dry

Some back scrubbers work on either dry or wet skin. This means that you don’t have to get your skin wet before using them. As a result, these are multi-purpose shower essentials ideal for everyone. Other than keeping your body clean, wet/dry back scrubbers treat your skin correctly.

Detachable Brush

Long handles may make it easier to reach certain spots, but sometimes they’re not necessary. However, it’s better to have them than not having them. This only means one thing: you must find a unit with a detachable brush.

A detachable brush is perfect for applying a bit more pressure. The scrubbing can be more intense, and no dirt or dead skin cells remain behind. Also, a detachable brush must be easy to insert and remove. This will let you make quick transitions according to your needs.

Ease of Maintenance

Not cleaning the back scrubber is a recipe for disaster. Due to long exposure to moisture, mold and mildew build-ups can quickly damage it. The way to avoid these risks is by having a quick-drying back scrubber. These are super easy to maintain, as they need only a few minutes to clean entirely.

Dry Brushing

For a better experience, consider buying a back scrubber for wet and dry brushing. These will offer the versatility to work well in either circumstance. One benefit of dry brushing is that it helps stimulate the skin and exfoliate dead skin cells. So, this would complement your showers to get the full experience.

Handle Loops

Handle loops are convenient little features that a back scrubber may have. The benefits of these loops are many, which is why they’re a must. For example, these loops allow you to hang the back scrubber at an accessible position for every shower.

Another advantage of handle loops is that you can hang them to dry.

6 Best Back Scrubbers Reviews in 2021

With countless back scrubbers out there, it can be tricky to pick just one. But, the search is easier once you narrow down the list to only the most capable. That’s what you’ll find here. The products below delivered a fantastic performance. They’re comfortable, easy to use, and highly effective skincare accessories.

1. Suntee Exfoliating Back Scrubber Pad Set

Here’s the ultimate exfoliation scrubber for rejuvenating skincare. To achieve that goal, this set includes two items.

First, a back exfoliator scrubber made with super-soft cotton materials. It helps dry and rough skin as well as other skin problems.

Second, the kit also includes a sponge pad to complement your shower. This item is comfy, convenient, and practical.

Here’s everything to love about one of the best shower back scrubbers.

Why We Love It

Dual-Sided Design

For optimal comfort, the back scrubber has a double-sided design. On one side, there’s a honeycomb textured surface. This is fantastic to get an in-depth exfoliation for the skin. Then, there’s the fabric side, which is softer. With this side, you can finish off the shower feeling rejuvenated.

Sponge Pad

Besides the back scrubber, you also get a small sponge pad. This pad measures 4.5 inches in diameter, perfectly sized for hand-held use. You can use this item to focus on areas like the neck, shoulders, and feet. Plus, it’s super easy to use. There’s a strap on the back that lets you put the hand inside.

Many Sizes

Need a small or large scrubber? Then look no further. This product is available in three sizes to guarantee full coverage for everyone. Regardless of your height, gender or age, there’s one of this back scrubber for all.

Keep In Mind

This back scrubber has a bit of a learning curve. It takes time to master it, especially for the elderly. Luckily, this is the only ‘flaw’ to an otherwise perfect product.

2. Toem Loofah Back Scrubber Set For Shower

Enjoy the comfort of an awesome back scrubber using this fantastic kit. The purchase includes a long-handled bath shower back brush that reaches everywhere. Alongside the main items, you also get a hook that sticks to the surface of the walls. So, it’s super easy to keep it nearby at all times.

Why We Love It

A Gentle Touch

The back loofah brush is super convenient for people with delicate skin. It can exfoliate dead skin cells with a gentle touch. Also, the loofah’s soft touch comes in handy for rough areas like the feet and elbows. With special fibers featured, it can massage and cleanse every part of the body with ease.

Perfect Handle

This product comes with a long handle to complement the mesh loofah. It is 17 inches long and has a curved design, perfect for a firm grip. When the loofah alone doesn’t work, you can use it with the handle to reach every area. As a result, washing the whole body is faster and easier.

There’s also another fantastic feature found in this handle: the self-adhesive hook. This stainless steel piece keeps the back scrubber at hand’s reach in the shower.

Terrific Resistance

Both the handle and the loofah are highly resistant for a longer lifespan. After many tests, the handle withstands deterioration, splits, and cracks. The loofah is no different, as it puts up well with regular use. Even after a lot of use, the fibers continue to feel soft and dry fast.

Keep In Mind

Customers have reported that they didn’t receive the hook. Upon arrival, make sure to check if all parts come included.

3. HOPESO Silicone Back Scrubber for Shower

When old-fashioned back scrubbers don’t cut it anymore, it’s time to try something new. In that regard, this HOPESO accessory is innovative like none other. It has a unique design with small bumps that guarantee optimal exfoliation.  The effects are visible just after a few days of using it. Clean pores and improved circulation are only a few of those benefits.

Why We Love It

Silicone Build

This back scrubber is a bit different, as it has a complete silicone body brush. The food-grade silicone is a healthy, eco-friendly, and super comfy material. It has no BPA risks, meaning it doesn’t contain harmful substances. Besides, it can resist high temperatures to support any of your showering habits.

Bump Design

Another massive benefit of this product is the design. This refers to the small bumps found all over the back scrubber on either side.

If used correctly, the effect on the skin can lead to massive health improvement. For instance, the back scrubber cleans pores, removes dirt, and gets rid of dead skin. As a result, the skin feels smoother and healthier.

Color Variety

For bathrooms to look neat, all shower accessories must match. That’s something you can have with this back scrubber, too. There are more than seven colors available to let you find the ideal choice for your shower. Some of these are deep purple, fresh green, sky blue, and watermelon red.

All of them look vibrant to make the shower more colorful.

Keep In Mind

This back scrubber could definitely use more width. Though it gets the job dob anyway, a wider size could’ve been better.

4. Vive Loofah Sponge Back Scrubber

With this back scrubber, you’ll get to live a spa-like experience from the comfort of your home. The unit consists of a loofah and a 17-inch handle, both of which work perfectly. As such, every scrub made is as effective as it’s satisfying.

Why We Love It

Handheld Loofah

The highlight point of this product is the hand-held loofah. Made of comfortable mesh, said loofah exfoliates skin perfectly. So much so that it can remove dead skin cells in seconds without much effort. The result is fantastic: improved skin clarity and better health overall.

Wooden Handle

Wood accessories add a vintage look to the bathroom. This is an excellent example of that. The Vive back scrubber not only looks good, but it’s durable as well. Plus, it’s super convenient due to its size, which is 17 inches long. An extended handle is ideal for reaching the back, feet, and other areas.

The back scrubber also has a textured rubber sleeve near the bottom. Holding the handle is easy, secure, and non-slip. Even if it is wet, you get to use it as firmly as possible.

Cord Loop

Additionally, the scrubber has a cord loop attached to the handle. This is a convenient feature for various reasons. For example, it allows you to hang the accessory and get a proper hold of it during the shower. You can do this by sliding it on the wrist. It will let you use the back scrubber as much as needed without dropping it.

Keep In Mind

While this product is durable, it isn’t as resistant as the others. After a few months, it starts to fall apart significantly. If you don’t replace the loofah regularly, you’ll have to buy a whole new set.

5. Aquis AEX0040LI Exfoliating Back Scrubber

Few other back scrubbers are as effective a this Aquis product. It comes with two sides and oversized handles to let you control it with ease. Once you put it over your back, it can get the whole exfoliating process done in just seconds. This is possible due to its large size, which secures deep cleaning to invigorate the skin.

Why We Love It

Full Coverage

With a firm grip provided by the handle, this back scrubber can do wonders. It measures 4×30.75 inches, enough length to have broad coverage. While showering, it only takes a few seconds to get the entire back thoroughly cleaned. 

Large Handles

On both sides, the back scrubber has large handles that let you grab it firmly. This makes it easy to maneuver. Once you pass it over the head onto the back side, making the left-to-right motions is a breeze.

Also, the handles happen to be super soft. You can use it as much as needed without creating friction.

Quick-Drying Fabric

The quick-drying properties of this back scrubber mean less maintenance. With a specific design that doesn’t retain moisture, the fabric doesn’t get moldy. You get to use it as much and as freely as you want without any of those concerns.

Furthermore, the build material actually withstands machine washing cycles. All of this amounts to a functional back scrubber without durability issues.

Keep In Mind

A Rough, Rough Side

Like most back scrubber pads, this one has two sides. The soft side is incredible, but the rough side needs some caution. It may feel harsh when you use it too fast or too hard.

6.  GreenRain Wet or Dry Brushing Back Scrubber for Shower

A friendly design can make any shower tool fun and a blast to use. This product from GreenRain does precisely that. It’s a comfy back scrubber with an ergonomic build and long-lasting bristles. Add to that a 14-inch handle, and skincare won’t ever be the same.

Here’s how this back scrubber quickly becomes the preferred choice for many.

Why We Love It

Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy to hold for several minutes. That means one thing: that you can spend as much time as needed using it. Additionally, the curved and long construction allows it to reach the highest or lowest body areas.

Besides, the handle has a vibrant, good-looking color design. So, not only will it keep you clean, but it will also look great.

Comfy Bristles

Over time, it isn’t odd to have the bristles of traditional back scrubbers go rigid. Fortunately, that is not the case with this accessory. Even after months of regular use, every bristle remains soft and comfortable.

The bristles of this back scrubber are also friendly for people of all ages. Especially the elderly. They will have a terrific cleaning tool to treat their skin the right way.

Hygienic Build

Maintaining this back scrubber in perfect condition is a no-brainer. All it takes is a quick rinse after use and then hang it to let everything dry. You won’t have a hard time finding a place for it either, as there’s a hanging loop in the handle. This makes it easy to hang it almost anywhere.

Keep In Mind

A negative factor of this accessory is the size of the brush head. It’s half the size of traditional bath brushes. Because of that, you may have to spend more time scrubbing to get everything cleaned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a scrubber be used for both wet and dry brushing?

Yes, back scrubbers work for wet and dry brushing. But, not all of them will work equally. In that case, it’s essential to consider all of the options before purchasing. This will give you a clear idea of which one to buy.

Wet and dry brushing accessories are top-notch. A clear advantage is that dry brushing stimulates the skin. As a result, the body exfoliates better, and dead skin cells get removed. This is why picking a versatile back scrubber is necessary. Otherwise, you may not get a proper cleaning tool to care for your body.

Can a back-shower brush be used to clean the entire body?

Absolutely. Back scrubbers often come with large handles, which help clean every part of the body. These will let you reach even the trickiest places, like the bottom of your feet. Even better, brushes may detach from the handle altogether. This is a fantastic benefit that allows you to control the back scrubber as you wish. For instance, you get to focus on specific areas that you consider may need more attention.

Whether it’s for massaging, thorough cleaning, or for exfoliation, the back scrubber does it all.

What is the best way to exfoliate your own back?

A back scrubber with natural bristles can do the job with ease. Get one with a long handle, and don’t enter the shower without it. Grab the handle firmly and reach over to your back. Then, start scrubbing by making soft and gentle circular motions.

Alternatively, you could do it with an exfoliating band. This shower accessory has a mildly abrasive design for easier exfoliation. Grab it by both ends, put it over your head to the backside, and move the hands side by side.

Lastly, you could try using body scrubs. These come with small particles like salt and sugar. The combination of these things exfoliates skin to remove dead skin cells. Afterward, rub the body scrub gently using a loofah during the shower.


The purpose of a shower back scrubber goes beyond dirt removal. This is a versatile accessory that improves your skin health significantly. Dead skin cells, poor circulation, and unclean pores won’t be of any concern anymore.

With the best shower back scrubbers, you’ll be taking care of all that inadvertently. So, make sure you choose wisely to make your shower experience much better.