There’s no better way to start or finish the day than with a refreshing shower. It’s the perfect time to leave all stress behind, relax the muscles, and feel renovated once again. The easiest way to achieve that is by having the best shower panel.

Best Shower Panel

A shower panel is multifunctional, flexible, and adjustable. Depending on your preferences, you can use one or all of its functions for maximum comfort. Also, the adjustable showerheads can create natural sensations similar to rain or waterfalls.

After trying a shower panel, there’s no going back to traditional shower fixtures.

There’s a lot to learn about these systems. Let’s start by talking about why you may need one.

Why You Need a Shower Panel

The reasons to get a shower panel are many. Here’s a list with the most prominent.

Quick Renovation

A shower panel is a unit that singlehandedly improves the look of any bathroom.

Less Space

Since these panels mount on the wall, they need less space. Their vertical build only makes this better.

Super Easy to Install

Granted, in some cases, a professional may be necessary. But, most shower panels are easy to mount. They’re ideal DIY projects.

Relaxing Shower

These systems have more than one function. They include showerheads and also massage jets. Using these jets is a perfect method to relax muscles after a long day.


There’s a shower panel for every budget. You won’t have to spend a ton of money to make your bathroom look great.

Type and Size of Shower Panel

The type of shower panel relies mainly on its finish. This could vary depending on the brand, but two are the most regular: brushed nickel and chrome.

Brushed Nickel

 This finish has a muted shine and a subdued look with a slightly matte appearance. It helps complement warm colors for a cozier decoration. Ideally, brushed nickel panels fit traditional designs better.


Unlike brushed nickel, a chrome finish is brighter and more reflective. This finish also blends better with cooler tones, including greens and blues. Because of that, chrome panels create a soothing and refreshing environment.

Since most shower panels share similar dimensions, their size isn’t a significant difference. Here, what matters the most is whether the panel can adapt well to different heights. Mounting it at the correct position makes it suitable for every resident.

What Type of Shower Panel is Best for Me?

To answer this question, you must consider a few things first.

The design of your ideal shower panel, for example, depends a lot on the bathroom decoration. Usually, they have brushed nickel or chrome available. It’s up to you to decide which one of these will fit better with the bathroom’s pre-existing conditions.

Also, do you want more than a simple showerhead? If that’s the case, then consider which functions you’d want in a shower panel. Some of the most common are massage jets, tub spouts, and handheld wands. All of these create a complete and multi-purpose shower panel.

For an extra-convenient experience, we recommend those with LEDs and a wide array of watering options. This should add the practicality necessary to enjoy the panel for years.

Shower Panel Cost

Much to the bank account’s relief, shower panels aren’t that costly to install. These units come pre-assembled for easier mounting. It’s a task that most DIYers can do without a professional’s assistance. Of course, that’s also an option in case you consider it necessary.

Primarily, the most significant expense you’d make is buying the unit. So, how much does a shower panel cost? It depends on aspects such as the brand and features offered.

Take the ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel, for example. It has multiple functions, as well as LED lights. Overall, a high-end shower panel that is efficient and luxurious. With the purchase, you also get every hardware needed for the mounting. That means no extra expenses at all.

Factors That Matter When Buying a Shower Panel

How do you know which shower panel to buy? Well, there’s a list of factors that determines the quality of the systems. Make sure to consider all of these features to invest your money wisely.

Shower Heads and Body Jet

Two fantastic features make these systems popular: the shower heads and the body jets. The first one is important due to its flexibility. You can adjust its angle and also change its modes from Rainfall to Waterfall. By doing this, entering the shower quickly becomes the most anticipated part of the day.

The body jets are also a must-have. These release water at specific heights to improve the shower experience. Another benefit of body jets is that they help with muscle relaxation.

Shower Functions

To find a proper shower panel, the functions matter a lot. Shower panels have functions like showerheads, massage jets, handheld wands, and tub spouts. Whether the panel can use these functions simultaneously is another factor to consider.


The materials used to make a shower panel vary a lot. But, there are a few that get featured regularly. Such is the case of stainless steel and tempered glass.

These materials are fantastic. They’re durable and create good-looking fixtures, but they’re also super resistant. Stainless steel panels resist high temperatures, rust, corrosion, fingerprint marks, and more.

Flow rate

The standard flow rate of a shower panel is 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM). In most cases, this capacity is more than enough to supply all of the functions offered by the panel. This flow rate maintains a constant water supply at a comfortable speed.


Valve controls are essential in a shower panel. These may come as rotary knobs or handles, and you can use them for various purposes. For instance, to control temperature, switch functions, and increase water flow.

Ease of Installation

Pre-assembled shower panels are easier to install. But, there are other things to consider when it comes to mounting the unit. For instance, does the package have all accessories needed? Also, reinforced pipes and a proper 1/2-inch tube port will make the process smoother.

LED Lights

Though they look great, LED lights are more than a fancy feature. They can help set the mood for a more relaxing showering experience. Additionally, a LED system helps with clearer temperature readings.

Best Shower Panel in 2021 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Bath Spout

This is a feature that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. The potential uses of a bath spout make it a must-have function in any shower panel and bathroom. You can use it for things like filling buckets, but also for smaller washing tasks. For example, this is perfect for washing feet, items, and even pets.


Protect your investment with a lengthy warranty. This will help you cover potential faulty parts and receive proper attention.

Naturally, the duration of a warranty depends on the manufacturer. Regularly, you’ll find shower panels covered for one or two years. The longer, the better.

8 Best Shower Panels Reviews in 2021

After learning about the essential features, it’s time for the shower paneling reviews. To create this list, we considered the factors mentioned in the previous section. The result? Eight of the most satisfying shower panel systems out there. Want to know more? Then, let’s go!

1. Blue Ocean SPA392M Shower Panel Tower

Decorating your house with luxurious fixtures was never this easy. The Blue Ocean Shower Panel offers a mix of features that make it the best shower panel system. For instance, it has a remarkable design with tempered glass and stainless steel. Not many other shower panels look this good.

Best of all? It’s an affordable system! For the price, there’s none better. As a result, you get a multifunctional shower panel with eight body sprays, a handheld shower wand, and a tub spout. And that’s only a sample of what it has to offer.

Why We Love It

Shower Variety

This unit is perfect for any time of the day. The system has an overhead shower and a handheld function with four different spray styles. Plus, the panel includes a total of eight body jets. That’s eight! Four on the right and four on the left.

The massage jets also have adjustable nozzles. They offer options for either misting or massaging settings. So, you get to customize your shower for a superb experience.

Temperature Display

The system has a built-in temperature display on the front. This is a LED screen with bright blue color and powered by AA batteries. Said batteries fit tightly in a compartment found on the back of the unit. Accessing this section is easy.

On the screen, large digits are visible to detail the water temperature. You can set it up in either Fahrenheit or Celcius, depending on your preferences. Besides being a fancy feature, the LED display helps avoid accidents.

Optimal Pressure

This unit can work with a minimum pressure of 28 PSI and a maximum of 72 PSI. The mounting is pretty straightforward, with clear guidelines on how to do it. Once set up, the pipes guarantee proper distribution of hot and cold water via a separated system.

At around 2.5 GPM, the flow rate remains constant. This is one of the unit’s best benefits, considering all of the functions it has. Regardless of which one you prefer, all modes work flawlessly.

Keep In Mind

Temperature Change

If you want to change the temperature from C to F, you must do it before mounting the unit. Otherwise, you’d have to dismount the panel to make the change. Additionally, some customers complained that the display came in another language. It’s better to switch it to English before the mounting, too.

2. ELLO&ALLO Shower Panel Tower System

This panel is ideal for bathrooms that need a renovated look. It has a beautifully sleek design with pleasant blue LED lights added to the showerhead. These lights work with batteries, and they provide a soft and warm blue glow. They can also work while the showerhead is active, so that’s another plus.


Additionally, you get some variety to choose from. The unit is available in black and brushed nickel stainless steel finishes. Both look great, and both would be a fantastic addition to the house. Indeed, this shower panel adds new layers of style to the decoration.

Why We Love It

Multi-Outlet Controls

Controlling water flow in this unit is a no-brainer. The unit includes multi-outlet switches to operate each function. Even better, you can play with them to get many water effect combinations. In total, there are four adjustable jets nozzles and three settings for the handheld shower mode.

Speaking of the massage jets, they do have a unique design. Unlike other units, this panel has two horizontal sprays in the middle. Due to their convenient positioning, users get to enjoy a relaxing time in the shower.

Simultaneous Functions

This unit has various modes. That includes Rainfall, Waterfall, Horizontal Massage Spray, Hand Shower, and Water Spout. The reason it gets brought up is that the panel allows users to have more than one function active at a time.

This means you can enjoy a refreshing rainfall shower while getting the massage sprays, too. Due to its wide coverage, this is the best full-body shower system.

Temperature Thermostat

The unit has a thermostat to let you step in the shower without temperature concerns. After leaving the shower, the thermostat holds the settings used. Next time, it sets the temperature automatically. A thermostatic shower panel is an excellent choice, especially if there are children in the house.

Keep In Mind

Celsius, Not Fahrenheit

While the panel has a clear LCD to show temperature, it displays it in Celsius and not Fahrenheit. This could be a problem for people used to making readings in the latter. Sadly, there’s no way around this issue.

3. AKDY AZ878392H/22 52-Inch Multi-Function Shower Panel System

Make the stress of the day go away by taking a shower using this fantastic shower panel. It has a multi-function system with multiple functions, all of which work independently. This panel offers pressurized water flow to wash away soap and shampoo in a breeze.


Each of the functions offered is adjustable. Use this to adapt the showerhead or the body spray jets the way you see fit. Additionally, the panel accommodates people of all ages and pets.

Why We Love It

Mirror-Like Finish

This system is available with a gray stripe pattern and a black mirror finish. Each one looks terrific, but the mirror black truly stands out. It has an incredible mirror-like reflection that no steam or water can mess up. The tempered-glass design is for sure one of the unit’s most vital points.

Versatile Tub Spout

The panel has a tub spout right at the bottom. This function is quite versatile, allowing you to use it for various purposes. Due to its constant water flow, it’s ideal for filling buckets quickly. Plus, you can use it to wash shoes and other articles.

This tub spout is also perfect for showering pets. They get to enjoy the shower panel as much as everyone else. Also, you can adjust the temperatures and water rate to make it comfortable for your furry friends.

Continuous Flow Rate

By delivering a 2.5 GPM of flow rate, the panel ensures a continuous showering experience. It provides a constant stream for each one of the functions offered by this unit. This includes the Handheld Showerhead, the Top Showerhead, and the Massage Jets.

Here’s another interesting fact. All of the functions work independently. This could be a disadvantage for some people, but it does guarantee optimal water pressure. Overall, this shower panel is an efficient unit worth the money.

Keep In Mind

Odd Noises

Often, the unit produces odd noises that seem to come out of nowhere. But, a deep inspection reveals that these sounds may come from the generator. While not a dealbreaker, this issue is still a bit frustrating. More so when you want to relax in the shower after a long day.

4. Happybuy 5-In-1 Shower Panel System

Worried the shower panel won’t look good in the house? Don’t let that be a concern anymore. This system has a high-quality nickel design that looks incredible. It features a sleek build with high glossiness to add more style to the place. This fixture is ideal for homes, hotels, spas, and more.


Even better, the system’s gorgeous look remains intact for a long time. This is possible due to the stainless steel construction. After years of using it, there won’t be signs of rust or corrosion. Additionally, the shower panel doesn’t get awkward water spots or marks left behind by fingerprints.

Why We Love It

A Cozy Shower

While the showerhead is nothing out of the ordinary, its design definitely is. The top remains slightly angled upwards, creating a fantastic waterfall effect. The system has massage jets, tub spout, hand shower, and rainfall modes besides the waterfall.

For a relaxing experience, both rainfall and waterfall can work together. Using the shower panel this way makes it ten times better. Water flows continuously, and it covers the body from top to bottom. That’s why this system is one of the best shower wall panels you could get.

 Function Switch

The system has a couple of rotary knobs at the center. One of the knobs provides quick adjustments to control each mode. It’s convenient and responsive. In just a second, the shower can go from rainfall to waterfall.

Controlling water spout volume is also easy using the other knob. Depending on how you’d like your shower, you can choose more or less water stream. This is a useful feature for a quick rinse.

Effortless Installation

Setting up this shower panel is a no-brainer. It has a wall-mount design and all accessories included, so there’s no need for extra expenses. The plumbing connection is pretty standard, as the system has a 1/2-inch tube port. Plus, the pipes can separate hot and cold water lines efficiently.

Keep In Mind

Thin Structure

Customers expressed concern over how thin the panel is. The metal for sure could use a bit more thickness. But, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. If handled correctly, the shower panel is durable and resistant. Being careful and properly tightening everything is a must.

5. Vantory VSA102 Shower Panel System

With an elegant brushed nickel finish, this panel shower system brings luxury. It has a minimalist build with stainless steel for modern-style bathrooms. Plus, this material guarantees a long-lasting system without risks of rust or corrosion.


Other than being durable, the panel shower is multifunctional. It has six functions: Shower Head, Rainfall, Waterfall, 6 Shower Jets, Tub Spout and Hand Shower. Each function adapts to specific occasions. You can use them to enjoy a quick rinse or for a long, relaxing shower.

This panel also has an active side spray. It provides a 360-degree rotation of water to make it a multi-directional system. All of this leads to a refreshing shower to start or finish the day.

Why We Love It

Engraved Control Knobs

The control knobs do a fantastic job controlling the six shower functions. As a result, switching from Rainfall to Waterfall Shower Head mode is super easy. Just like with every other of the six modes. You can also use it to change water pressure depending on your needs.

Knowing what knob controls which function may take time at first. But, they have engravings to identify their purpose easily. Over time, it becomes faster and easier.

6 Powerful Massage Jets

One of the most appealing features of this system is the Massage Jets function. There are six in total, and each one is powerful, functional, and efficient. Besides delivering pressured water, the system saves up to 50% through the jets. This helps the environment and saves some money by the end of the month.

Hassle-Free Mounting

The shower panel comes pre-plumbed, ready for quick installation. It’s perfect for surface or wall mounting. Every accessory and hardware needed comes included for a seamless setup. Since the package has seven layers of protection, there’s no chance of missing or damaged parts.

This system connects to existing water supply lines with ease. For the most part, the installation is pretty straightforward. And that’s a plus considering the poorly-written instructions in the manual.

Keep In Mind

Uncovered Top

Having the top section uncovered is an odd design choice. It doesn’t add much to the panel. Instead, it may make it look cheap. But that’s not the biggest issue. For outdoor use, this section gets more exposure to the elements. This is not ideal and shouldn’t even be an issue at all.

6. Adbatnos Shower Panel Tower System

Here’s an elegant shower panel that significantly improves the looks of any bathroom. It has a pleasant brushed appearance with polished and stainless handles. These handles move easily, and they make it easy to adjust water flow and temperature.


The structure is lightweight, and yet, it’s sturdy. Each weld on the backside is strong, making the whole panel well-assembled and easy to mount. Furthermore, the use of strong C clamps reduces potential water leaks as well.

Why We Love It

A Solid Body

This shower tower has a super strong 304 stainless steel build. This material is 1mm thick, making it resistant and durable. Even better, this level of thickness also makes it lightweight. That’s convenient for two reasons. First, it’s easier to mount. And secondly, dismounting it for maintenance is just as easy.

Due to the stainless steel construction, the shower tower has outstanding resistance. Other than keeping corrosion at bay, it handles high temperatures without issues. This brings us to the next point.

Tube Design

The shower panel has a fantastic design to separate water at different temperatures. By dividing the hot and cold water lines, house residents get the option to choose how they’d like their showers.

And that’s not all. The most satisfying aspect of the tube design is its standard plumbing connection. This shower tower has reinforced pipes on the back that suit most standard shower rooms. At 1/2 inches, the tube port has no issue adapting to any house.

Five Functions (Two Rainfall!)

The shower tower has five modes. This includes a water outlet, rainfall, body spray jets, handheld shower, and a tub spout. While all functions are great, it’s the two rainfall modes that shine the most. These provide water evenly that resembles the natural feeling of rain.

Another reason that makes this fixture stand out is its efficiency. Each function works independently, which is super convenient. This also means proper water pressure. Regardless of the setting, the water has a consistent speed rate. It doesn’t slow down unless you want to lower the pressure.

Keep In Mind

Top Showerhead

This shower panel comes with an uncovered top shower head. Just like before, this is a mild inconvenience that many people dislike. Mainly because it’s harder to keep dust and water out.

7. AUKTOPT LED Shower Panel Tower

Fixtures with a black finish are quick to draw everyone’s attention. Add to that bright LEDs, and the result is a super good-looking shower panel.


This system has simultaneous functions and variable controls for optimal performance. It’s an all-around shower panel towel ideal to immerse yourself in a phenomenal and relaxing showering time.

Why We Love It


This is a five-in-one system that provides constant water flow. The functions included are Rainfall, Waterfall, Massage Jets, Tub Spout, and Hand Shower. In particular, the latter is one of the most interesting out of all. With the Hand Shower mode, you get three settings for a complete showering experience. You can also use this mode to clean corners.

Versatility is another benefit of this system. If necessary, the panel allows you to turn two functions simultaneously. By doing that, you get to enjoy water from multiple angles at once. Best of all is that the system maintains each function running with excellent water pressure.

LED System

The built-in LED system works via water flow, with no batteries needed. Due to their bright blue colors, this shower panel brings a fancy look to any bathroom. Besides the LED in the showerhead, the system also has a LED temperature display.

This temperature display is fantastic. The digits are crystal clear, so it’s always easy to read. Plus, you can use it to select the ideal water temperature with ease. As a bonus, this feature can also let you know of the showering time. Taking a shower isn’t only relaxing anymore, but also fun.

Flawless Mounting

This pre-plumbed shower tower system comes with the standard 1/2-inch connection. Combined with the reinforced pipes, it makes the panel easy to mount on walls. Furthermore, the system remains in place and properly tightened. Even at full water pressure, the structure doesn’t move an inch.

The mounting process is much easier, all thanks to the guidelines offered. Both the manual and online videos clear any doubt you could have. Hiring a professional isn’t even necessary. You can do it yourself and then enjoy the results with a refreshing shower.

Keep In Mind

Can be Noisy

It comes to attention that this shower panel often makes strange noises. This isn’t a common issue, but it does happen. The reasons behind this problem could be many. However, it’s most likely due to the lack of tightening. Make sure to read the instructions thoroughly to avoid this.

8.ROVOGO RVG18221 Shower Panel Tower System

Available in black and chrome finish, this shower panel smoothly blends with the bathroom’s decor. It has a simple yet effective design for a quick installation and refreshing showers afterward. For this reason, it’s the perfect fixture for remodeling projects.


For more comfort, the panel has a bunch of adjustable features. It can adapt to any of the user’s demands in the blink of an eye. To do that, it offers different angles, temperatures, and many functions. 

Overall, this unit is a magnificent system that guarantees a complete showering experience.

Why We Love It

Two Handle Controls

Near the center, the panel has two handles for two purposes. One is to control the volume/temperature. You can use it to turn the water on/off as well as to change temperatures. Then, there’s the Function Diverter. This handle controls each function, from rainfall to the massage jets.

Still, it’s the design of each handle that makes them so good. On the sides, they have visible symbols to indicate their purpose. Plus, they switch with barely any effort. Switching between modes or changing temperatures is a breeze.

Adjustable Angles

The shower panel has a flexible shower head and bar. This is an excellent feature to enjoy showers at different angles. The same goes for the massage sprays. These can adjust their angle with a quick hand movement as well. You can adapt them to cover the bottom or middle section of the body.

Here’s why the stainless-steel build plays a considerable role. While adjusting these components, no fingerprints remain behind. This adds more value to a material that also resists rust and corrosion.

Flexible Handle Shower

With a 3-function handset, there’s no area water can’t reach. Switching the spray pattern is also easy, needing only one push. Plus, the shower panel has a matching hand-shower with a sizeable 59-inch hose. This hose also happens to be quite flexible, which is perfect for corners and tight spots.

Keep In Mind

Functions Not Simultaneous

This panel shower provides water out of one place at a time. That means you can’t use the rain head and the jets simultaneously. One way around this issue would be to install a separate rain head. But, this would be more of an initiative on the user’s part. It’d take more work and more money.

How to Install a Shower Panel

Installing a shower panel system is a pretty straightforward and intuitive process. Here’s how you do it.

1. Mark the Spot 

Hold the panel in the desired place, and use a pencil to mark the position for the mounting holes.

2. Drilling

Using the correct drill bit, proceed to drill the screw holes. These will be the base for the panel.

3. The Bracket

Grab the mounting bracket, and use the mounting hardware to secure it on the wall. During this step, consider the material of the finished wall to get the proper mounting hardware.

4. Setting Up the Hand Shower

Continue by attaching the hand shower hose to the outlet found on the shower panel’s side. You want to do this step gradually. Alternate between the nuts until they’re secure.

Does the panel have a separate shower arm?

If that’s the case, insert the new arm in the panel’s fitting. Twist to tighten. Here, you may want to use an adjustable wrench to tighten and a dry cloth to protect the arm’s finish. Set the new showerhead, and tighten it by hand. 

5. Supply Lines

 Next, you’ll be connecting the water feed tubes to the household’s main water supply.

Quality Check

Turn the water supply on. This will let you know if there are any leaks. If there are, use the wrench to tighten all the parts as needed.

6. Mounting the Panel

Hang the shower panel on the mounting bracket to attach it to the wall. Check the height, and adjust accordingly.

7. Final Tests

 Once the panel is in place, let the water run for about 60 seconds. Also, check if the hot and cold lines work well.

8. Last Step

 Add silicone sealant on all sides of the panel to secure it. Use a damp cloth to wipe the excess.

How to Clean a Shower Panel Spot FREE

Maintaining the panels in good condition gives them a long service life. Luckily, keeping these units clean is pretty easy. Let’s learn how to do it.

Step 1: Clear the Bathroom

Start by preparing the area. This includes moving all the items found in the bathroom. Conditioners, toothbrushes, towels, and every other bathing utensil must be out.

Step 2: Rinse the Shower Panel

Doing a quick rinse on the shower panel goes a long way. To do that, you must use warm or hot water. This will melt body oils and dirt that may be nearby.

Step 3: Removing Mildew & Hard Water Spots

Mildew is a direct consequence of soap deposited in tight spaces of the shower panel. To get rid of it, you can use a mildew spray. Use it to spray on the structure. Then, let it rest for a while.

Hard water spots are also a headache. Fortunately, a mix of hot water and white vinegar should be enough to remove them.

Step 4: Dismounting the Panel

In extreme situations, it may be necessary to dismount the shower panel for thorough maintenance. The good news is that this isn’t a regular thing. With resistant stainless steel constructions, the panels keep dust, marks, and rust away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do shower panels last?

Under the right conditions and proper maintenance, shower panels last for years. Sometimes, way above the ten-year threshold.

How does the display work for temperature? Do you need electricity?

Shower panels use batteries to power up their LED systems. This is their primary power source. No electricity is necessary to keep the temperature display running. The batteries have a safe compartment often found on the back of the panel.

What is a thermostatic shower panel?

This refers to a shower panel with a system that handles high and low temperatures efficiently. Regularly, thermostatic shower panels can remember pre-set temperatures for later use. It’s a convenient system that doesn’t need constant adjustment.

Are shower panels better than tiles?

Shower panels are certainly more convenient than tiles. Panels have fewer parts and components, making them easier to mount.

Is high water pressure vital to you?

It depends. Having high water pressure may be great, but it leads to more leaks within the pipes. Then again, lower pressure could make it a struggle to get enough water provided. The key is finding a perfect balance between the two.


The best shower panel is truly a gamechanger. Once you get one installed, leaving the bathroom gets harder. It’s an outstanding fixture that makes the most out of an essential routine like showering. Honestly, it’s no exaggeration to say that taking a shower never felt as good as it does with one of these units.

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