It’s impressive how washing your hair can be a fantastic self-esteem booster. Not to dismiss the relaxing properties and how much a simple wash can help you release some stress. That is, of course, as long as you don’t have to deal with clogged drainage.

Best Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Because if anything can clog drains in seconds, that would be hair.

Luckily, there’s a quick, easy, and simple solution to that issue. And that is using the best shower drain hair catcher. Besides keeping hair out of the drain, the shower drain hair catcher also blocks debris, toys, and more. This allows water to run correctly and makes the shower more pleasant.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s start with the types of drain hair catchers.

Types of Drain Catchers

There are three types of drain hair catchers to consider. Deciding which one to picks depends on several factors, so keep that in mind. For instance, you have to consider the drainage system and the shower. Here’s what you need to know about the different drain hair catchers out there.

Shower Drain Screen

This is the most common, and it works as a preventive tool. As such, it catches hair and debris right before it enters the drainage. It’s simple, effective, and super functional. These features also make it a no-brainer to install. All you have to do is place it over the drain, and that’s it.

Unfortunately, this type of drain hair catcher doesn’t always stay in place. For that, you’d have to look for a weighted unit to guarantee a tight fit. The good news is that many of these catchers may also come with suction cups.

In-Drain Hair Catcher

As opposed to the other, this traps the hair once it enters the drain. But then again, there are a few disadvantages to keep in mind.

First, this type of drain hair catcher sits inside the drain. As a result, it can be tricky to notice when it’s time for maintenance. Checking it regularly is necessary to avoid unpleasant clogs. Another issue is that these may not be as easy to install if you have a drain cover. You’d have to remove it beforehand.

Fixed Drain Hair Catcher

These are what people used to have back in the days. The installation needed a bit of handiwork, as it involved drilling and screwing. However, newer models don’t need that much work anymore. They install with ease and are far much more capable.

Drain Catcher Materials

The materials used to create drain hair catchers are super important. Primarily, there are three to consider: stainless steel, silicone, and plastic. Each one may be more suitable for specific showers, so keep that in mind before picking. What do these materials have to offer? Let’s analyze them briefly to know their advantages and disadvantages.

Stainless Steel

One concern to have with metals is rust. This could happen when the material has long exposure to water, which is natural in the shower. To avoid any issue, consider purchasing high-quality stainless steel. It’s a long-lasting material that resists rust and corrosion.

Also, stainless steel is a perfect choice if you want a good-looking product. It’s decorative, practical, and super durable. For drain hair catchers, very few other materials are better than this.

Lastly, some of these products may feature stainless steel with silicone. The combination of those materials makes the drain hair catcher a terrific choice for most showers.


The next best thing to stainless steel is silicone. This material is popular for its flexibility and resistance. Many people also love it because it makes for a non-slip design. That also applies to hair and debris, which will not slip past the silicone-made drain hair catcher. Another incredible benefit is the adhesive properties that allow it to remain in place.

If you don’t want to deal with metal, silicone drain hair catchers are the way to go. These will save you a lot of headaches.


Not the most popular, but they still exist nonetheless. Plastic drain hair catchers are inexpensive, easy to use, and practical. But, these do have many flaws. For example, they feel too flimsy for comfort. Also, the texture of this material doesn’t feel too nice.

How to Choose a Drain Hair Catcher

How do you find the right drain hair catcher among a sea of options? You do that by fully knowing what makes them any good. In this section, you’ll find the essential features these drain hair catchers must offer.

Ease of Use

Don’t let something so simple as a drain hair catcher turn into a struggle. Most of these products are super easy to use, needing no more than a few seconds for their installation. This is why it’s important to pick wisely. The last thing you want is a filter that takes a lot of effort to put in and out of the drainage.

Correct Hole Sizes

It may not seem like a big deal, but the hole sizes are essential. Have them too wide, and the hair will slip through without problems. On the contrary, super small holes will clog the drainage quickly. The key here is finding the perfect balance.

Let’s use an example to explain this. Take the LEKEYE Shower Dain Hair Catcher, which has elliptical holes. These are just the perfect size and should work as a reference.

Durable Material

Moisture can have a severe impact on most materials. This is why you want to have durable, resistant, and reliable drain hair catchers. Focus on their constructions and whether they’ll put up with those circumstances.  Ideally, consider purchasing products made with stainless steel or silicone for long-lasting use.

Appropriate Size

Before picking any product, make sure it’ll fit. A shower drain hair catcher may not work for bathtubs, so keep that in mind as well. Read these reviews thoroughly to know which catchers are the most suitable for specific areas. Alternatively, check if your preferred brand offers multi-sized products. In some cases, the companies have rubber rings of different sizes to guarantee a proper fit.

Appealing Design

Even the smallest items add new layers to the decoration. Here, you have to ask yourself which one will look better. You could go for a minimalist drain hair catcher or a more challenging choice. Either way, this is all up to your personal preferences.

How to Clean a Shower Drain Hair Catcher

A clogged drain hair catcher is noticeable when the draining starts to slow down. When this happens, you must take quick action. Fortunately, cleaning the drain hair catchers is an easy and fast endeavor. Here’s how you do it.

For Fixed Drain Hair Catchers

Use a screwdriver to unscrew the shower trap. Once it’s out, place both the cover and the screws at a safe location. This must be far away from the drainage.

Grab a pair of gloves, and start working. Remove the hair as much as possible by hand. Continue doing it until the drainage doesn’t have more hair left inside.

To finish, mix hot water with vinegar in equal amounts. Then, pour it down the drain. This will remove all of the dirt and grime left.

For Modern Drain Hair Catchers

These refer to the products reviewed here. Since they don’t need screws, they’re much easier to clean. Simply remove them, get all of the hair out, and put them back in place.

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The following are the top six drain hair catchers out there. After testing them, the results were incredible. No hair nor debris reached the drainage, which allowed water to flow without clogs. This led to a more satisfying shower experience in all cases. 

1. OXO Good Grips Silicone Drain Protector

Simple tools often work best. Why go for a complicated device when a traditional drain hair catcher can get the job done?


That’s why the OXO drain protector is a must-have shower item. And yet, there’s nothing essential about this product. Featuring an outstanding build and an efficient design, no hair, toy, or debris can escape the best hair drain catcher.

Why We Love It

Quality Construction

This product has a fantastic build with two quality materials. One of them is stainless steel, which prevents rust and corrosion. There’s also the silicone rim, responsible for keeping the unit in place.

Both of these materials work well together to create a protective barrier. Once put in place, it can remain there for a long time to avoid obstructions.

Fantastic Shape

Though it looks traditional, the shape of the drain catcher is top-notch. It’s a tall dome shape that offers high compatibility with different showers. For example, it fits just in flat and in pop-up drains.

Additionally, this specific shape makes it super easy to install. Unpackage it, drop it in the drain, and that’s about it.

Weighted & Scaled

Besides the silicone rims, this product has a weighted build. As a result, it can remain in place without moving an inch. This allows it to block the drain entrance properly. Water will continue to flow appropriately while no hair will pass through.

The scaled design of the unit is yet another benefit. Thanks to it, the drain hair catcher fits over bathtub drains.

Keep In Mind

Hair Removal

There’s no doubt that this product does an excellent job. However, one issue arises when you try to clean the hair out. The nubs covering the base of the unit make it a bit difficult to do. Hence, cleaning the unit after each shower may be necessary to avoid clogs.

2. LEKEYE Drain Hair Catcher/Bathtub Shower Drain Hair Trap

With a two-part design, this product guarantees proper water drainage. It’s ideal for everyone, especially people with thick hair. These will stick to the unit to prevent clogs and obstructions. As such, you won’t have to deal with stagnant water reaching your ankles. The shower experience feels much better overall.


Here’s why this product is a worthy acquisition.

Why We Love It


The quality of this product is visible down to its roots. It isn’t just a single piece, but rather two put together. These two parts attach and detach with ease for a quick mounting. You can do it by hand, and it only takes a few seconds. Then, the drain catcher is ready for installation.

This two-part build is also super convenient for maintenance. After splitting them apart, each part is easy to clean with a quick wipe.

Protective Holes

The addition of many holes makes this product a fantastic choice. Nothing escapes them. Everything from hair, small toys, or other elements won’t get past the drain. As a result, water goes out of the shower without any obstruction. This is also beneficial because you won’t have to unclog some real nasty stuff.

Stainless Steel

Constant water exposure may hurt other shower accessories, but not this one. Created with stainless steel, this drain hair catcher puts up with anything. No rust will affect it, and neither will it wear or tear. You can use it multiple times throughout the household, and it’ll still hold its ground perfectly.

Keep In Mind


Cleaning this unit isn’t as easy as pulling the basket part out. Instead, you have to remove everything out of the drain first. That includes the whole hair trap. Fortunately, there’s no need to apply a ton of pressure to do it. With just a little bit of force, the device comes out.                          

3. Uxoz Stainless Steel Bathtub & Sink Drain Hair Catcher

Every item, accessory, or appliance can add some style to the shower. You wouldn’t get that with conventional drain hair catchers, but you will with this one. The Uxoz Drain Hair Catcher looks like none other, as it features a captivating design. It’s the go-to choice if you want to make the most out of your shower decorations.


Why We Love It

Stylish Design

The triangular shape of this product truly stands out quickly. It has a tripod top fixed design larger than pipes for a secure fit. Besides, the body is non-slip and anti-clog. These two features make it perfect for dealing with hair and debris.

Overall, foreign elements won’t create any obstruction in the drain. This is also possible due to the hexagonal honeycomb design. By keeping things out, water flows down properly.

Wide Compatibility

The rubber rings are available in four sizes to secure a proper fit. With that many, you’ll find one for every area that needs it. That includes bathroom sinks and bathtub drains. This is all possible due to the product’s capacity to support drain sizes. In general, it supports drains between 1.35 inches to 1.75 inches.

Easy to Install

Though it looks complicated, installing this drain hair catcher is easy. First, you must choose the right rubber ring and attach it to the central unit.

Then, all that remains is insert the whole unit and push it inside the drain. The tripod part stays out, but that’s fine. Below it, hair and other unwanted elements will find a wall which they will not pass.

Keep In Mind

Regular Maintenance

This device catches everything, and sometimes that’s not a good thing. For instance, soap residue may also stick to the cylinder. This means that the unit may clog without maintenance. Getting it out and cleaning it regularly is a must.

4. LEKEYE Stainless Steel & Silicone Shower Drain Hair Catcher

Simple yet effective is the perfect way to describe this product. There’s nothing complicated about it, as it’s a single basic drain hair catcher. But, its effectiveness doesn’t go unnoticed. It has a perfect combination of shape and size to effectively catch all hair. Want to learn more? These are the top reasons to love it.


Why We Like It

Semi-Circle Design

The design of this product is simple but also well thought out. It has an intermediate semi-circle design that makes the drain pipes remain unclogged.

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Additionally, this particular shape makes it fit most pipe systems without issues. As a result, you won’t have a hard time fitting this drain hair catcher. All it takes is a few seconds to be ready for the shower.

Silicone Edge

Drain hair catchers that move lose their efficiency quickly. That is a common issue that this product tackles perfectly. To remain in place, it has a terrific silicone edge. After you put it in place, it won’t move under normal circumstances. Water can flow at high speeds, and no hair will make it past the protective barrier.

Elliptical Holes

To let the water go down the drain, this unit has many elliptical holes. It serves more purpose than one, as these holes also grasp hair coming through. This makes it possible to prevent awkward obstructions in the pipes. Once the shower is over, removing the hair and debris is easy and quick.

Keep In Mind

Adhesive Issues

Customers pointed out that they had trouble keeping the unit in place. This does occur, but not because of the drain hair catcher. Instead, it may happen if the drain size isn’t compatible. Make sure to check that to avoid buying a catcher that won’t fit.

5. TheLivingStar Mesh 304 Stainless Steel Sink Strainer Hair Catcher

Created with stainless steel, this product is efficient and durable. No hair gets past it, meaning improved water drainage with no obstruction. Besides, it has an exciting design that makes the unit easy to plug and unplug. Thus, removing it for maintenance is also quick.


Here’s why this product is a must-have.

Why We Love It

Fantastic Mesh

The shape and design of the mesh in this product are truly outstanding. It’s almost like a pocket, which is super convenient. If any hair makes it past the edges, there’s still enough protection to hold it down below. This is a fantastic design that guarantees no hair or debris enters the drainage.

Protection Film

This drain hair catcher has an anti-rust protection film on the edges. On the field, it gives the whole unit solid resistance against water. But, it still goes beyond that. Water isn’t the only element used in showers, as people also use shampoo or soap regularly. And that’s why the protective film is a fantastic addition. It’ll withstand soapy water, shampoo, and all of that perfectly.

A Versatile Product

Regardless of where you put it, this drain hair catcher does well. This makes it a versatile accessory suitable for different parts of the household. Perfect uses for it would be in the kitchen, laundry room, sinks, and bathrooms. The item is available in two sets, so you’re free to buy many to cover all of those places.

Keep In Mind

It Gets Messy

This product is easy to clean, but that doesn’t mean it’s pleasant. The longer you leave it, the nastier it’ll get. That’s why getting it out and cleaning after every shower may be necessary. Otherwise, leaving it unattended will inevitably slow down drainage.

6. Hairbine Drain Hair Catcher for Tub and Shower Pop-Up Drains

This drain hair catcher brings something different to the mix. For starters, it’s an all-silicone product that looks and feels different. Installing it is super easy, and its efficiency at catching hair is top-notch. It also does well against debris, soapy water, and more.


Tight on budget? Look no further. Here’s the perfect drain hair catcher at an affordable price.

Why We Love It

Hydrodynamic Design

If there’s something this product does well is to avoid stagnant water. The unit has a fantastic hydrodynamic design, which is unlike anything else. Once installed, it allows water to pass down the drain smoothly. As such, you no longer have to deal with nasty, soapy water around your ankles.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

The design of this product also makes the cleaning a no-brainer. Every bit of hair dropped sticks to the sides, which you can remove with ease.

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Additionally, keeping the drain hair catcher in perfect shape is a breeze as well. You can remove it effortlessly, clean it, and put it back in the drain in just a few seconds. This means you won’t have to struggle during its maintenance.

Long-Lasting Build

Much of the success of this product is because of its build. Unlike others, this drain hair catcher has a complete silicone construction. It’s beneficial for its improved capacity to catch hairs. Other than that, you won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion issues either.

The all-silicone build truly makes this product a long-lasting pick.

Keep In Mind

Not a Luxurious Product

While effective, this drain hair catcher is far from good-looking. It won’t matter if you don’t care about esthetics. Also, the design of the product can be confusing. It isn’t easy to know which side goes up at first glance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does shaving in the shower clog the drain?

Truthfully, the length of the hair doesn’t matter. Both the long hair on your head and the tiny leg hair can clog the shower drains. As a result, this is an issue that both genders have to face, be it male or female.

Fortunately, there’s a perfect solution to shave in the shower without that risk. Can you guess what that is? Yep, you guessed right! Using the shower drain hair catcher. With this accessory, you won’t have to worry about clogged drainage anymore. You can shave, wash your hair, and take care of your body thoroughly.

How do you clean a hair catcher in the shower?

If you struggle with your drain hair catcher, then you probably have the wrong one. That is because these products aren’t difficult to clean in the slightest. All you have to do is remove it and use a paper towel to remove hair and debris. Make sure everything stuck in the filter is out, and then put it back in the drain.

Few drain hair catchers may be a bit more tricky. Still, disassembling them should be enough for a thorough cleaning. Once you finish, put the pieces back together and secure them in place.

Is there a drain cleaner that dissolves hair?

Hair-clogged drains may need more assistance. In that case, you could try using chemicals to get the blockage out. For example, products like Green Gobbler’s Hair Liquid Dissolver can get the job done. But, this should be your last resource. Any of the drain hair catchers reviewed here will help you avoid those extreme scenarios.


With the best shower drain hair catcher, you no longer have to worry about nasty water reaching your ankles. Everything from hair to toys gets picked up, effectively preventing clogs or obstructions. Water flows appropriately, and hair is also easy to remove once you finish the shower.

These are all the reasons why the shower drain hair catcher is essential. It can save you a lot of headaches, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy your showers without a worry in the world.

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